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Engine Oils

Find the right engine oil for your car

Wondering what engine oil to use for your car? Use our engine oil lookup and get engine oil recommendations matched to your vehicle.

Simply enter your car details and the results will give you the correct specification and amount of engine oil for servicing your engine.

Once you've found the right engine oil, buy online from the biggest and best independent online supplier of motoring oils & fluids.

We stock a massive range of fully synthetic, semi synthetic, and mineral engine oil service kits, all picked by lubricant experts and including enough oil for a full change and a disposable filling kit (funnel, gloves, wipes). These engine oil packs DO NOT come with a filter; if you need a kit with a filter select Engine Oil & Oil Filter.

We pride ourselves on having something for every budget and application. Got a unique vehicle and not sure what engine oil is right? No problem, get a FREE recommendation from the Opie Experts. We'll find the right oil to match your vehicle, its condition, and your style of driving.

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Engine Oil FAQs

What is car engine oil?

The primary function of engine oil is to lubricate the internal components of your car's engine. However, it also does a whole host of other tasks such as cooling your engine by more evenly distributing heat, cleaning it using built in oil additive detergents, improving the sealing, and inhibiting corrosion.

Which engine oil for your car/what engine oil to use?

You will generally find the recommended car engine oil grade/viscosity & specification within your vehicle's handbook, or you can use our engine oil lookup to make sure you're getting the right oil.
Which product you need to use will depend on your make, model, and variant of car, as well as other factors such as your driving style and the condition of your vehicle.

Why do engine oil grades and specifications matter?

Each vehicle's engine is produced and designed around a certain engine oil grade/viscosity plus a very precise specification. Oil specifications are varied to cope with the vastly different strains and stresses vehicle motors have to cope with (cc size, DPF, diesel, and petrol to name just a few). Therefore, to maintain the efficiency, lifespan, and performance or your engine you should always stick with the oil that your engine was designed to take (unless your vehicle is heavily performance modified).

Popular Car Engine Oils:

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Fuchs Titan Race Car Engine Oil

Fuchs Titan Race
Car Engine Oil

High quality fully synthetic ester based range of car engine oil, perfect for race cars and high performance street cars alike; one of our most popular engine oils.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Castrol Edge Titanium Car Engine Oil

Castrol EDGE
Car Engine Oil

Full synthetic, high quality car engine oil from world-famous manufacturers Castrol. This range of oils is factory fill for some vehicles and they're perfect for high performance street cars.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Valvoline Racing VR1 Car Engine Oil

Valvoline Racing VR1
Car Engine Oil

Very popular in USA, these high quality car engine oils have an incredible motorsport history behind them and are developed with years of experience on road and on the track.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Gulf Competition Car Engine Oil

Gulf Competition
Car Engine Oil

GULF - a brand with an amazing motorsport history! These car engine oils are fully synthetic, ester based and offer high performance lubrication for track or fast road use at a great price.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS Car Engine Oil

Millers Oils Nanodrive
CFS Car Engine Oil

Using Nano technologies, Millers Oils have produced one of the most advanced car engine oils on the market. High quality fully synthetic, perfect for the track and fast road.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Motul 300V Car Engine Oil

Motul 300V
Car Engine Oil

Motul are well known for making some of the best car engine oils in motorsport. Their range of high quality 300v fully synthetic ester based motor oil is ideal for track or fast road.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Red Line Car Engine Oil

Red Line
Car Engine Oil

Red line are extremely popular in USA motorsport, they stand for high quality high performance car engine oils that fly in the face of the common USA low quality regular drain and replace oils.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Shell Helix Car Engine Oil

Car Engine Oil

Shell have a rich history of producing some of the best car engine oils on the market, they're a common house hold name and for good reason, buy with confidence.

Car Engine Oil Lookup: Mobil Car Engine Oil

Car Engine Oil

Mobil Engine Oil is recognised worldwide for performance (for oils like the high quality, fully synthetic Mobil 1), innovation and expertise and is the only major oil supplier in the UK to be dexos™ & dexos2™ licensed.

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