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Lambda / Oxygen (o2) Sensors


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At Opie Oils it's easy to find the right Lambda / Oxygen (o2) Sensors for your vehicle, use the above lookup to quickly find parts that are matched to your specific vehicle.

Every car with a regulated catalytic converter has at least one lambda sensor; most modern cars require two sensors. Replacing old or failing sensors can bring the following improvements:

  • Keep fuel consumption to a minimum
  • Provide a perfect fuel mixture
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Guarantee optimal working conditions for the catalytic convertor

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NTK Lambda / O2 Sensor

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NGK Lambda / Oxygen (o2) Sensors

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Denso Lambda / O2 Sensor

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Denso Lambda / Oxygen (o2) Sensors

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Bosch Lambda / O2 Sensor

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Bosch Lambda / Oxygen (o2) Sensors

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Febi Lambda / O2 Sensor

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Febi Lambda / Oxygen (o2) Sensors

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Lambda / O2 Sensors Explained

Lambda sensors are oxygen detecting devices forming a sensitive and vital part of the exhaust / emissions reduction system of all cars fitted with catalytic converters.

Generally Lambda / Oxygen sensors ensure the catalyst works efficiently and harmful gases are kept to a minimum. Lambda / Oxygen sensors can be divided into two distinct types Zirconia Sensors and Titania Sensors. They are classed as binary / Lambda 1 sensors, they use different types of ceramic element but the function still remains the same.

The ideal ratio of air and fuel to achieve this is around 14.7:1; this means that for 14.7 kg of air 1 kg of fuel would be used. This chemically correct air fuel ratio is known as a stoichiometric ratio or Lambda and it's these sensors within your exhaust system that tell the ECU what the current mixture is allowing for on the fly adjustment to ensure optimal engine performance, health and efficiency.