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Use the look-up above to find the right MAF Sensors

At Opie Oils it's easy to find the right Mass Air Sensors (MAF) for your vehicle, use our lookup to quickly find parts that are matched to your specific vehicle.

  • DENSO's First Time Fit plug-in type sensors ensure easy installations
  • Sensing element air bypass structure is designed for improved detection accuracy
  • Mass Air Flow sensor helps in delivering optimum combustion and emissions

Our Mass Air Sensors (MAF) are produced by Denso who are world leaders in sensor technology, with many of Denso Mass Air Sensors (MAF) being of OE (Original equipment) you know that your engines exhaust system is in safe hands.

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Denso Mass Air Sensors (MAF)

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Mass Air Sensors (MAF)

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Mass Air Sensors (MAF) Explained

Mass Air Sensors (MAF) measure the amount of air an engine intakes during any given point during the combustion process. This sensor not only measures the volume of air but also measures density and adjusts the intake accordingly so that the correct mixture of fuel to air is present in each cylinder.

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