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RED LINE Lead Substitute Additive

RED LINE Lead Substitute Additive


RED LINE Lead Substitute - 355ml Bottle

355ml Bottle


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RED LINE Lead Substitute Additive

RED LINE LEAD SUBSTITUTE is a safe and effective valve seat protection additive which is designed for use in engines which require the protection of lead. Tetraethyl lead was originally designed as an octane enhancer, but it was soon
discovered that the metallic oxides which result from combustion form a protective coating on valves which prevent microwelding of the valve seat to the valve
face under high temperature operation. This welding of the two hot pieces of metal causes the removal of the softer seat metal and subsequent recession of the
valve into the cylinder head. Wear debris then contributes to valve stem and valve guide wear. Valve recession causes poor sealing of the compression gases, which means loss of power and fuel economy, poor idle and driveability, and the eventual need for cylinder head replacement. This is achieved by using sodium-based chemistry which forms sodium oxides upon combustion and provides the same physical protection from welding and subsequent metal removal as did lead oxides. When compared to levels of lead present in the leaded supreme of prior years, Red Line Lead Substitute provides equivalent protection for valves and none of the detrimental side effects which can be found with other additives.

Red Line Lead Substitute additive prevents valve seat recession in vehicles designed to use leaded fuels and is endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.
Red Line Lead Substitute prolongs the useful life of these engines, cleans carburetor deposits and injectors and will not damage catalytic converters.
Red Line Lead Substitute has been subjected to a valve seat recession test by an independent test house on behalf of the FBHVC. The results of the test indicate that the level of valve seat protection is likely to be adequate for all normal driving, but not including racing or other exceptionally arduous uses.

Recommended dosage: Add 1 bottle per tank of fuel. Treats up to 25 Gallons.


  • Reduces valve seat recession
  • Cleans carburetor and injector deposits
  • Reduces intake valve and port deposits
  • Concentrated for economical use

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