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Track Control Arm Front Axle Left | Febi Bilstein 31297

Track Control Arm Front Axle Left | Febi Bilstein 31297

febi Steering Part #31297 - Single



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Track Control Arm Front Axle Left | Febi Bilstein 31297

General Details:

Paired article numbers31298
MaterialCast Steel
Steering arm typeControl Arm
Fitting PositionFront Axle Left
Fitting PositionLower
Weight [kg]9,26
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Technical Information
with bushes and without joint


Addtional Images:

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Track Control Arm with bushes and without joint.

  • OE Reference: 3520.S0
Fitting PositionFront Axle Left
Weight [kg]9.26
Required quantity1
Steering arm typeControl Arm
Paired article numbers31298

Steering technology from febi bilstein – improved safety through quality

Steering parts must be produced precisely and carefully, all the time, every time; febi bilstein make no compromises in this respect.

febi also comply strictly with the manufacturer's part specifications, making sure that all their steering parts fit the corresponding vehicle exactly.

Febi parts warranty: 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Fitment / Compatibility:

CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.0 BlueHDi 1102015 - 20161997ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)Engine Code: DW10FUE
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.0 BlueHDi 1302015 - 20161997ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)Engine Code: DW10FUD
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.0 BlueHDi 1602015 - 20161997ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)Engine Code: DW10FUC
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.2 HDi 1002006 - 20162198ccm 101HP 74KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.2 HDi 1102011 - 20162198ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C81
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.2 HDi 1202006 - 20162198ccm 120HP 88KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus2.2 HDi 1502011 - 20162198ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C110
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus3.0 HDi 1552010 - 20162999ccm 157HP 115KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus3.0 HDi 1602006 - 20162999ccm 157HP 116KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayBus [2006-2016]Bus3.0 HDi 1802011 - 20162999ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)Engine Code: F30DT
CitroenRelayPlatform/Chassis [2006-2016]Platform/Chassis2.2 HDi 1002006 - 20162198ccm 101HP 74KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayPlatform/Chassis [2006-2016]Platform/Chassis2.2 HDi 1102011 - 20162198ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C81
CitroenRelayPlatform/Chassis [2006-2016]Platform/Chassis2.2 HDi 1202006 - 20162198ccm 120HP 88KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayPlatform/Chassis [2006-2016]Platform/Chassis2.2 HDi 1502011 - 20162198ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C110
CitroenRelayPlatform/Chassis [2006-2016]Platform/Chassis3.0 HDi 1452010 - 20162999ccm 146HP 107KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayPlatform/Chassis [2006-2016]Platform/Chassis3.0 HDi 1802011 - 20162999ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)Engine Code: F30DT
CitroenRelayVan [2006-2016]Box2.2 HDi 1002006 - 20162198ccm 101HP 74KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayVan [2006-2016]Box2.2 HDi 1102011 - 20162198ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C81
CitroenRelayVan [2006-2016]Box2.2 HDi 1202006 - 20162198ccm 120HP 88KW (Diesel)
CitroenRelayVan [2006-2016]Box2.2 HDi 1302011 - 20162198ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C96
CitroenRelayVan [2006-2016]Box2.2 HDi 1502011 - 20162198ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)Engine Code: C110
CitroenRelayVan [2006-2016]Box3.0 HDi 1452010 - 20162999ccm 146HP 107KW (Diesel)

Cross Reference:


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