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Motul Classic SAE 30 Low Detergent Mineral Car Engine & Gear Oil

Motul Classic SAE 30 Low Detergent Mineral Car Engine & Gear Oil


Motul Classic SAE 30 - 2 Litres

2 Litres


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Motul Classic SAE 30 Low Detergent Mineral Car Engine & Gear Oil

General Details:

Content [litre]2
Packing TypeTin
SAE viscosity class30


Motul Classic SAE 30 is a mineral monograde lubricant especially formulated for classic petrol or diesel 4-stroke engines and gearboxes built before 1950. It is the modern version of classic monograde engine oils to perfectly suit the requirements of climate conditions.


Specially designed for ancestor, veteran, vintage, pre-war and classic vehicles requiring a SAE 30 viscosity grade lubricant.

Can also be used as break-in oil.


  • Modern technology lubricant specially developed for old engines
  • Designed and formulated with a high-Zinc level (ZDDP content above 1800 ppm) to provide the best anti-wear protection for your classic engine (genuine or rebuilt)
  • Easier start-ups for vehicles that are stored for long period of time
  • Very low detergent level in order to be harmless with paper, felt and fabric gaskets from that period
  • Avoids soot and deposits removals in the lubricating circuit.
  • Compatible with “yellow” nonferrous metals as brass, bronze and copper
  • Developed in the right viscosity grade to avoid oil leakages in classic vehicles and to maintain a consistent oil pressure and reduce oil consumption
  • Can be used as break-in oil if drain intervals are shortened
  • Reinforced adherence for easier start even after a long period of immobilisation

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Brand: Motul
Oil Type: Mineral