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Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease

Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease


Corrosion Block Anti-Corrosion - 57g Tube

57g Tube


Corrosion Block Anti-Corrosion - 454g Tub

454g Tub


Corrosion Block Anti-Corrosion - 20L



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Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease

It's no secret that equipment downtime, repair and replacement are expensive. It is also no secret that regular scheduled preventive maintenance is cheaper than the repair or replacement of expensive equipment. In these days of dwindling maintenance budgets and closer scrutiny of operating costs and procedures, you can show a real saving through preventive control of corrosion.

Corrosion Block can be described as a clean, clear, ultra-thin fluid which leaves a non-greasy atmospheric barrier to protect the base metal on interior surfaces. It leaves no gummy residue because it contains no wax, resin, tar, asphalt, silicone or telfon.

Corrosion Block anti-corrosion compound is a state-of-the-art material developed for the marine industry, however it has many uses for Marine, Motorcycle, Automotive & Industrial applications.

Corrosion Block Grease out performs lithium and most synthetic greases and meets or exceeds requirements for NLGI Service Classifications GC-LB (automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricants), conforming to ASTM D4950 performance requirements.

Corrosion Block has three superior features:
  • Corrosion Block is superior anti-corrosion compound.
    • It kills corrosion in progress
    • It prevents new corrosion cells from forming for 12-18 months
  • Corrosion Block is an excellent penetrant.
  • Corrosion Block is an excellent light lubricant.


  • Waterproof
  • Multi grease compatible
  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) properties
  • Excellent thermal/oxidative stability
  • Resists bleeding or melting at high temperatures
  • Suitable for sealed for life applications
  • Use in electrical applications that require grease
  • Workplace safe and environmentally friendly
  • Out performs competitive grease 5:1

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