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Mobil Mobilith SHC 100 Lithium Complex Synthetic Grease ISO VG 100

Mobil Mobilith SHC 100 Lithium Complex Synthetic Grease ISO VG 100


Mobil Mobilith SHC 100 Grease - 380g



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Mobil Mobilith SHC 100 Lithium Complex Synthetic Grease ISO VG 100

Mobilith SHC 100 is an antiwear and extreme pressure grease primarily recommended for higher speed applications such as electric motors, where reduced friction, low wear and long service life are required.

Mobilith SHC 100 is an NLGI 2 Grade / ISO VG 100 grease with a synthetic base fluid. Its operating temperature range is -40 C* to 150 C.

Mobilith SHC Series greases are superior performance products designed for a wide variety of applications at extremes of temperature. They combine the unique features of synthetic base fluids with those of a high quality lithium complex thickener. The wax-free nature of synthetic fluids and the low coefficient of traction (compared with mineral oils), provide excellent low temperature pumpability and very low starting and running torque.

These products offer the potential for energy savings and can reduce operating temperatures in the load zone of spherical roller and ball bearings. The lithium complex thickener contributes excellent adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water. The greases have a high level of chemical stability and are formulated with special additive combinations to provide excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion, and providing operating viscosity at high and low temperatures. Mobilith SHC Series greases are available in seven grades, varying in base oil viscosity from ISO VG 100 to 1500 and in NLGI grade from 2 to 00.

Mobilith SHC Series greases have become the products of choice for many users, in many industries worldwide. Their reputation is based on their exceptional quality, reliability, versatility and the performance benefits they deliver.

PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDFDownload the Safety PDF


FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding high temperature and low temperature performance Wide application temperature ranges, with excellent protection at high temperatures and low torque, easy start-up at low temperatures
Excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion Reduced downtime and maintenance costs because of reduced wear, rust and corrosion
Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance Extended service life with longer intervals between relubrication and improved bearing life
Low traction coefficient Potential to improve mechanical life and reduced energy consumption
Includes both high and low viscosity grades Options for outstanding protection of slow speed, heavily loaded bearings, and options for good low temperature performance
Outstanding structural stability in the presence of water Retains excellent grease performance in hostile aqueous environments
Low volatility Helps resists viscosity increase at high temperatures to maximize relubrication intervals and bearing life


DIN 51825: (2004-06) : KPHC 2N-40

Technical Information:

Mobilith SHC Series

100 220 221 460 1000 Special 1500 007
NLGI Grade 2 2 1 1.5 2 1.5 00
Thickener Type Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex
Color, Visual Red Red Light Tan Red Grey Black Red Red
Penetration, Worked, 25ºC, ASTM D 217 280 280 325 305 280 305 415
Dropping Point, ºC, ASTM D 2265 265 265 265 265 265 265 -
Viscosity of Oil, ASTM D 445 cSt @ 40ºC 100 220 220 460 1000 1500 460
4-Ball Weld, ASTM D 2596, Load, Kg 250 250 250 250 620 250 250
Water Washout, ASTM D 1264, 79 ºC, % Wt. Loss 6 3 4 3 2.6 2.5 -
Rust Protection, ASTM D 6138, Distilled Water 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 -
Corrosion Protection, ASTM D 1743, Rating Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass -
4-Ball Wear, ASTM D 2266, Scar, mm 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50


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