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Millers Oils Motorsport CFS 5w-40 NT+ Nanodrive Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Millers Oils Motorsport CFS 5w-40 NT+ Nanodrive Fully Synthetic Engine Oil


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Millers Oils Motorsport CFS 5w-40 NT+ Nanodrive Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Millers Oils Motorsport CFS 5w40 NT+ is a competition fully synthetic NANODRIVE triple ester engine oil, part of the NT+ range of engine oils incorporating low friction technology to achieve winning results for the professional race team.

Recommended for competition engines where maximum power release is the preferred criteria, and ideal for qualifying with the power and performance to last an arduous race event.

Suitable for all normally aspirated and turbo-charged engines and all race types, including endurance, time attack, sprints, hill climb, circuit racing and rallying. Suitable for operating temperatures of 125°C, with peak temperatures up to 150°C.

Generally more suited to professional race teams and organisations where performance without compromise is required.

NANODRIVE from Millers Oils is their award-winning motorsport brand which incorporates advanced nanoparticle technology for high performance applications, where stress on components is at its limit. In engine oils, this technology combines advanced nanoparticles with triple ester chemistry to greatly reduce friction, protect against wear and maximise power.


  • Fully synthetic oil that protects the engine at both low start-up and high running temperatures
  • Triple ester formulation works synergistically for optimised film strength and anti-wear protection
  • Second generation NANODRIVE ultra low friction technology maximises power
  • CFS NT+ range delivers more than 53% reduction in friction, and up to 48% reduction in wear scar
  • Improved reliability through reduced component failures
  • Recommended for the professional motorsport racer

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Brand: Millers Oils
Oil Type: Race / Competition Synthetic

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