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Valvoline All-Climate 20w-50 High Quality Engine Oil

Valvoline All-Climate 20w-50 High Quality Engine Oil


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Valvoline All-Climate 20w-50 High Quality Engine Oil

High quality conventional motor oil. Formulated for year round performance. Proven and trusted technology for a broad range of diesel, petrol and LPG engines.

Formulated for turbo and non-turbo charged diesel, petrol and LPG engines.

Can be used in passenger cars, light trucks, small marine engines and motorcycles without wet clutch.
Also suitable for industrial equipment such as telehandlers or forklifts.   


Year round performance
All-Climate engine oils are formulated for year round performance. Meeting industry performance levels.

Engine cleanliness
Through the use of detergent additives the engine is kept in good condition.

Broad vehicle application
High quality formulation suitable for a wide range of vehicles.  

Deposit control
Prevents forming of sludge and harmful deposits inside the engine.

Cold start performance
Instant oil flow at low temperatures provides easy cold starts and optimal lubrication within seconds after ignition. For climate conditions below -20oC we advise SAE 10W-40

Breakdown resistance
Thermal and oxidation stable oil film resists oil breakdown.

Wear protection
Strong oil film provides protection against wear under all operating conditions.


  • Performance Levels
    • ACEA  A3/B3
    • API: SL/CF
    • MB-229.1
    • Recommended by Valvoline for use in engines specifying VW 50500 or VW 50101

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Brand: Valvoline
Oil Type: Mineral