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DENSO Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade - DF-011 -600/475mm

DENSO Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade - DF-011 -600/475mm


DENSO Flat Windscreen Wiper Bl - Pack of 2

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DENSO Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade - DF-011 -600/475mm

General Details:

Length 1/ Length 2 [mm]600/475
Left-/right-hand drive vehiclesfor left-hand drive vehicles
Quantity UnitSet
Weight [g]206
Weight [g]270
Wiper blade typeFlat wiper blade


Additional Images:

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Click for larger picture

A triumph of engineering design, DENSO’s Flat Wiper Blades hug every windscreen closely and evenly to wipe away rain and debris in even the worst weather conditions. With sleek styling and long life, they offer all-round appeal to every motorist.

Easy fit


  • Innovative arm fitment makes blades easier to change, without the need for an adapter


Innovative design

  • Elegant, bracketless styling
  • Integrated aerodynamic spoiler

DENSO First Time Fit® parts meet or exceed all manufacturer standards, mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide miles of reliable service.

If you need help choosing the correct DENSO Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade for your vehicle please contact us.



  • Precise tailoring to the curvature of your windscreen for optimum efficiency
  • Even pressure distribution across the whole length of the blade delivers maximum windscreen contact; ensuring excellent visibility and safety in critical weather conditions
  • Aerodynamic profile ensures outstanding performance even at high speeds
  • Resistance in cold weather conditions – no icing of superstructure
  • Reduced surface area minimises wind noise

Technical Information:

Tech Data:

  • Length 1/Length 2: 600/475 mm

Fitment / Compatibility:

DescriptionModel YearkWHPCCBuild
ALPINA B3 (E90) 3.0­08.10 - 02.13294­4002979Saloon
ALPINA B3 (E90) 3.0 All-wheel Drive­10.10 - 02.13294­4002979Saloon
ALPINA B3 Estate (E91) 3.0­11.09 - 03.10265­3602979Estate
ALPINA B3 Estate (E91) 3.0 All-wheel Drive­11.09 - 03.10265­3602979Estate
ALPINA B3 Estate (E91) 3.0­08.10 - 02.13294­4002979Estate
ALPINA B3 Estate (E91) 3.0 All-wheel Drive­08.10 - 02.13294­4002979Estate
ALPINA B3 (F30) BITURBO­03.13 -301­4092979Saloon
ALPINA B3 (F30) BITURBO All-wheel Drive­03.13 -301­4092979Saloon
ALPINA B3 Estate (F31) BITURBO­03.13 -301­4092979Estate
ALPINA B3 Estate (F31) BITURBO All-wheel Drive­03.13 -301­4092979Estate
ALPINA D3 (F30) BITURBO­03.14 -257­3502993Saloon
ALPINA D3 Estate (F31) BITURBO­03.14 -257­3502993Estate
ALPINA D3 Estate (F31) BITURBO All-wheel Drive­03.14 -257­3502993Estate
BMW 3 (E90) 316 i­03.05 - 10.1185­1151596Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 316 i­02.07 - 10.1190­1221599Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 318 i­02.07 - 10.11105­1431995Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 320 i­03.07 - 12.11125­1701995Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 325 i­01.05 - 12.11160­2182497Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 325 xi­03.05 - 10.11160­2182497Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 325 i­03.07 - 12.11160­2182996Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 325 i xDrive­06.08 - 10.11160­2182996Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 330 i­09.07 - 12.11200­2722996Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 330 xi­09.07 - 12.11200­2722996Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 330 i xDrive­09.08 - 12.11200­2722996Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 335 i­03.06 - 12.11225­3062979Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 335 i xDrive­05.08 - 10.11225­3062979Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) M3­03.07 - 12.11309­4203999Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) M3 CRT­03.11 - 12.11331­4504361Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 316 d­07.09 - 12.1185­1161995Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 318 d­02.07 - 03.10100­1361995Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 318 d­09.09 - 10.11105­1431995Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 320 d­09.05 - 12.11110­1501995Saloon
BMW 3 (E90) 320 d­02.04 - 12.11120­1631995

Cross Reference:

Compatibility with Other Brands:

  • BMW - 61612158219
  • BMW - 61612159627
  • BMW - 61612241375
  • INFINITI - 288005DF1A
  • INFINITI - 28800-5DF1A
  • INFINITI - 288805DF0A
  • INFINITI - 28880-5DF0A


These suggested compatibilities with other brands should be used as a guide only. Certain design differences may exist between these spark plugs and another manufacturers; heat ratings can also vary.

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