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Wynns Silicone Free Cockpit Spray - Matt Finish - Lemon (11279)

Wynns Silicone Free Cockpit Spray - Matt Finish - Lemon (11279)


Wynns Silicone Free Cockpit Sp - 600ml Aerosol

600ml Aerosol


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Wynns Silicone Free Cockpit Spray - Matt Finish - Lemon (11279)

The dashboard of any car is one of the areas which is most looked at. With all the vital information needed to operate a car, it is important that it is kept clean. The plastic interior trims found in a modern car, along with the dashboard are a common place for dust and dirt. Trying to clean some of the ingrained dirt and marks left can be a real challenge.

The Wynn's Cockpit Cleaner Matt Shine has been created to solve such a problem. The new powerful cleaner from Wynn's removes ingrained dirt and superficial marks from dashboards and plastic interior trim easily and quickly. All you have to do is simply spray onto the surface and wipe over with a clean cloth to leave matt shine, lemon scented dashboard. The spray has been formulated to have an anti-static coating to help prevent dust build up.

Wynn's has over 70 years' experience manufacturing products for the automotive market. Wynn's offers chemical treatments that restore and maintain optimal operation in vehicle systems. As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many car problems can be resolved or prevented using chemical treatments that are efficient, affordable and easy to use. Wynn's has a very strong brand reputation and high quality recognition with more than 400 products in their range.

  • Removes dust and ingrained dirt from matt dashboards and interior trim, leaving a non-reflective, anti-static, dust free finish and a fresh lemon aroma
  • 600ml Canister
  • Lemon scent
  • Instant showroom clean

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