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Wot-Nots Wiring Connectors - Blue - Heat Shrink Butt (PWN847)

Wot-Nots Wiring Connectors - Blue - Heat Shrink Butt (PWN847)


Wot-Nots Wiring Connectors - B - Pack of 10

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Wot-Nots Wiring Connectors - Blue - Heat Shrink Butt (PWN847)

When undertaking electrical tasks, you may need terminals and connectors for wires. Having a variety of different terminals and connectors on hand can be handy when working on a range of vehicles and other DIY tasks, this is where Wot-Nots range of electrical spares and accessories comes in. This pack of Wot-Nots Blue fully insulated heat shrink butt connectors come as a pack of 10. This is a quick and easy solution for a variety of electrical connection scenarios. This particular connector requires crimping tool to trap the cable in place when your connector attached. Once crimped the connector can be warmed and shrunk around the wire with its built in heat shrink. Wot-Nots are at the cutting edge of pre-pack retailing and as such are the clear market leader for a single solution to stocking a wide range of small carded impulse and distress type products suitable for the Automotive Aftermarket and DIY Car Owners.

  • Fully insulated electrical connector
  • Connected to wiring using a crimping tool
  • Can heat shrink to seal the ends to the cable
  • Butt Type
  • Blue

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