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Pearl Consumables Exhaust Clamp - 2 1/2in. (PEC11C)

Pearl Consumables Exhaust Clamp - 2 1/2in. (PEC11C)


Pearl Consumables Exhaust Clam - Single



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Pearl Consumables Exhaust Clamp - 2 1/2in. (PEC11C)

Over time small parts deteriorate. To avoid a drop in your vehicles efficiency and performance you may need to replace these from time to time to ensure that you vehicle is running effectively and efficiently. Pearl Automotive provide a wide range of replacement parts and accessories to cater for a wide range of circumstances. This Exhaust Clamp from Pearl Automotive is great to have on hand for spares and repairs. It contains 1 clip, that will clamps male and female exhaust together and keep them connected securely. Pearl Products is a family run business that supplies the automotive market with accessories and aftermarket solutions. It is the largest family run business of its kind in the market today and aims to provide a high quality, single source solution to its customers. Pearl boasts a product portfolio in excess of 4000 part numbers, with ranges covering anything from replacement parts to workshop consumables.

  • Exhaust clamp used to join a male and female exhaust pipe together securely
  • The size denotes the diameter of the exhaust and allows enough thread on the U clamp to secure the exhaust
  • Available separately or as a pack of 10

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