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Hammerite Stone Chip Shield - Black (5092835)

Hammerite Stone Chip Shield - Black (5092835)


Hammerite Stone Chip Shield - - 1 Litre

1 Litre


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Hammerite Stone Chip Shield - Black (5092835)

On the road, there is not much you can do to prevent stray stones from making contact with your car with the damage resulting in both a cost and an inconvenience to yourself. However, there are solutions available to help protect your paintwork from this type of damage rather than having to deal with the after effects. Hammerite Stone Chip Shield is formulated to protect your paintwork against stones, salt, damp and rust. Providing a tough, durable coating, use it to protect sills, lower body panels and spoilers against stone chip damage. Its non drip formula is easy to apply and will remain flexible - removing the worry of it cracking or peeling. It is also rust resistant and is over-paintable with most top coats. Comes as black schutz (which an ideal formula to use with spraying equipment) in a 1 litre can. First developed by Allen Forster in 1962, Hammerite paint was one of the first of its kind, in the world of metal specific paints. After a long period within the industry, Hammerite was acquired in 1998 by ICI, the paints specialists. Hammerite has consistently worked towards developing their brands and now boasts a wide portfolio of products to cater to all of their customer's metal painting needs. The range includes their original Hammerite metal paints range, automotive products, Waxoyl the original rust treatment, metal primers and cleaning fluids, to name just a few of the products available.

  • Protects Stonechip damage, salt, damp and rust
  • Remains flexible and will not crack or peel
  • Easy to apply via Schutz coating gun and applied via a compressor
  • Tough and durable
  • Ideal for sills, spoilers and lower body panels

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