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Wot-Nots E Clips - Large (PWN275)

Wot-Nots E Clips - Large (PWN275)


Wot-Nots E Clips - Large (PWN2 - Pack of 2

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Wot-Nots E Clips - Large (PWN275)

From time to time small parts and components need replacing on your vehicle. These need not be expensive or difficult to source. With a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories for the automotive industry Wot-Nots will have the solution for many of these replacement problems. As part of their automotive spares and accessories range Wot-Nots supply a range of replacement/spare hose clips suitable for automotive use. This pack of E Clips are suitable for a number of different scenarios including automotive, home and garden. The design is shaped like the letter E and a be used to side slide into a pre-cut recess. Wot-Nots are at the cutting edge of pre-pack retailing and as such are the clear market leader for a single solution to stocking a wide range of small carded impulse and distress type products suitable for the Automotive Aftermarket and DIY Car Owners.

  • Clips shaped like a letter E
  • Can be used to side slide into a pre cut recess
  • Size: L

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