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Mahle Air Filter - LX4245 (Fits: Audi S1)

Mahle Air Filter - LX4245 (Fits: Audi S1)


Mahle Air Filter LX4245 - Single



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Mahle Air Filter - LX4245 (Fits: Audi S1)

General Details:

Filter typeFilter Insert
Length [mm]283
Width [mm]232
Height [mm]66,3
Seal Materialfoam / rigid foam
Packaging length [cm]24,0
Packaging height [cm]29,00
Net Weight [g]451,0
Packaging width [cm]7,00

Additional Images:

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MAHLE air filters: clean air, high performance

Many major automobile and engine manufacturers rely on the expertise of MAHLE for air filters—for good reason: engine performance, torque, low consumption, and minimal emissions require well-filtered air. And their cellulose (paper) filters, plastic non-wovens, or a combination of both can trap just about everything. They capture up to 99.98% of toxic dust, soot, and tyre particles. The finest filters trap nearly all particles larger than 3 µm. This means that MAHLE air filters prevent premature wear of valves, cylinder surfaces, piston rings, bearings, and other engine components. But be careful: in order for the filters to work perfectly, they must be replaced at the intervals prescribed by the automobile manufacturer.

In order to protect the filters from moisture, the intake port is designed to keep water away from the filter element as much as possible. If moisture does reach the filter anyway, MAHLE have added another layer of protection. Their filter papers are impregnated with a special synthetic resin that increases the resistance of the filter insert to water and chemicals. Glue beas on the backs of the folds help the filter elements retain their shape.


The demands on our air filters are pretty tough

Air filters must function reliably even under extreme conditions. For high loads in dusty regions, a prefilter is used—a foam mat and metal or plastic mesh providing support on the downstream side. In particularly damp areas, prefilters with additional water-repellent non-woven overlays can help.

In addition to filtering the air, air filters also need to reduce intake noise. Robust, weight-optimised air filter systems made of recyclable plastic are used in commercial vehicles. They are often cylindrical and have radial seals and axial supports.

Package is becoming ever smaller, thus resulting in the use of flat shapes. A special non-woven mat protects the clean side of the filter during maintenance and replacement.

MAHLE filter papers are pleated in order to create more surface area for capturing dirt in a small space. If the pleats are not strong enough then pleat deformation can occur. The differential pressure squeezes them together so tightly that little to no air can flow through the filter. This causes poor filtration, reduces the service life of the filter, and increases fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The pleats in passenger car filters are therefore often reinforced with glue beads.


Materials: for the safety of people, engines, and the environment—only the best

The cellulose is first impregnated with special resins in a complex process. This increases the stability of the pleats and prevents deformation. Then they are preheated, which prepares the paper for the forming process, known as embossing. Then the paper is pleated to meet requirements. The impregnation then needs to cure in order to give the paper mechanical strength as well as chemical and thermal resistance.

Filter mats are made from plastic fibres with thicknesses in the µm range: the finer the fibre, the better the filtration. These mats are designed in layers, and the density and fineness of the fibres increase from the dirty to the clean side. Known as the funnel effect, this allows a very high dirt-holding rate with low flow resistance.

Multilayer filter media combine non-woven and paper. Their production is complex, but in comparison with conventional paper filters they hold over 40 per cent more dirt with comparable separation efficiency.

Technical Information:

  • 240x70x290

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • Audi S1

Cross Reference:

  • 6C0129620A

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