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ECOSPILL Oil Only Spill Kit

ECOSPILL Oil Only Spill Kit


ECOSPILL Oil Only Spill Kit - 90 Litre

90 Litre


ECOSPILL Oil Only Spill Kit - Single



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ECOSPILL Oil Only Spill Kit

Whether you are working at an industrial site, in a garage or simply at home, it is not always possible to prevent accidents from happening. That said, the prudent thing to do is to be prepared for when these accidents do take place. It is especially important when working with oils or chemicals as they are hazardous substances that can cause serious harm. This is where the Ecospill range of absorbents and spill control products could have the solution to your needs. The Ecospill range of oil only products has been developed for use in a variety of different applications. The large and diverse offer includes drum top covers, pads, rolls, socks as well as fully stocked kits. All of the products are easily identifiable being White in colour, and are suitable for all oil-based products. Whether you require spill control for a 1 litre bottle or a 240 litre drum, Ecospill have the solution for your needs. This particular product is an oil only spill kit. Ecospill was founded in 2010 with the focus of becoming the UK market leader in absorbents and spill control products. The company is already renowned in the market for customer focused quality and corporate thinking. They offer an unrivalled range of products including their own high performance absorbents. There products are now manufactured exclusively at their parent company's brand new, state of the art manufacturing facility in Strasbourg.

  • Oil only spill kit for fuels and hydrocarbons
  • Contains spills up to 90, 120 or 240 litres
  • Refillable kits
  • Containers can be re-used
  • Portable - ideal for emergency response


  • 720x550x550

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