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FENWICKS Essential Bike Cleaning and Lube Kit

FENWICKS Essential Bike Cleaning and Lube Kit


FENWICKS Essential Bike Cleani - Single



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FENWICKS Essential Bike Cleaning and Lube Kit

Cleaning your bike after a muddy ride can be very boring and time consuming. As can keeping your bike in tip-top condition.  Therefore, having the right tools for the job can save time and effort, and even make the most mundane tasks more enjoyable. Fenwick's have developed a large and extensive range of cleaning and maintenance products to make the job of cleaning your bike a far easier task. The kit contains a Bike Cleaner 1 litre (2001D), Concentrated Bike Cleaner 95ml (2032B) and Chain Lube 100ml (5002C). All the essential items needed to keep your bike looking good and running smoothly. Fenwick's advanced bike care products are a range of environmentally friendly, easy to use lubes, cleaners, degreasers and greases that perform, protect and do not make a mess. Designed, mercilessly tested and then manufactured in the UK, Fenwick's advanced bike care products are specifically designed to work with one another for maximum efficiency, making the whole process of looking after your bike quicker and more effective.

  • Kit contents: Bike Cleaner 1 litre, Concentrated Bike Cleaner 95ml, Chain Lube 100ml
  • The in.ready to use” biodegradable Bike Cleaner comes in a 1 litre ergonomically designed trigger bottle and works by attraction to dirt molecules, surrounding them, and making them easy to rinse away
  • Fenwick's Bike Cleaner does not use solvents or acids (citrus) to be effective, resulting in a safe product to use across all types of frame finishes eg matt, carbon or gloss,  leaving a clean, contaminant-free surface
  • The Concentrated Bike Cleaner (95ml) can be diluted to make another 1 litre of Bike Cleaner when you've run out, or can be used neat in chain baths for efficient, safe degreasing
  • Fenwick's Chain Lube is designed not to pick up dust in dry conditions nor dirt in wet conditions, making it a great chain lube for everyday use


  • 225x67x232

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