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MAYPOLE Jockey Wheel - Auto Fold - 60mm

MAYPOLE Jockey Wheel - Auto Fold - 60mm


MAYPOLE Jockey Wheel - Auto Fo - Single



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MAYPOLE Jockey Wheel - Auto Fold - 60mm

As you may well know a jockey wheel is a vital piece of kit for supporting your caravan or trailer when hitching up and also for stability when it is unhitched. You may or may not be supplied with a jockey wheel and clamp when purchasing your trailer or caravan, but even if you are it may become damaged or punctured or even lost whilst out travelling.

This Maypole auto fold jockey wheel comes ready to fit with a fully fitted tyre. The wheel itself is a 200mm steel wheel which is surrounded by a robust and durable solid rubber tyre. It is also easy to connect to whatever you are towing and can be fixed into place with a clamp. This product is an ideal replacement for any damaged jockey wheels or for when towing with a new nose weight. This jockey wheel is suitable for towing a nose weight of up to but not exceeding 400kg.

Established in 1969, Birmingham based company Maypole has a long heritage in the manufacture and marketing of products to customers in the automotive, trailer, leisure and agricultural markets. For over 40 years Maypole have been manufacturing and supplying its products to its ever growing network of customers and are proud to continue to add to their ever increasing portfolio of products.

  • 60mm Diameter tube
  • 200mm steel wheel with solid rubber tyre
  • Max nose weight guide 400kg


  • 980x240x130

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