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Febi Bilstein DOT4 Fully Synthetic Brake Fluid

Febi Bilstein DOT4 Fully Synthetic Brake Fluid


Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 - 250ml



Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 - 1 Litre

1 Litre


Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 - 5 Litre

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Febi Bilstein DOT4 Fully Synthetic Brake Fluid

General Details:

DOT specificationDOT 4
Content [litre]1
SpecificationDOT 4
Weight [kg]1,139
for OE numberB 000 700 A1
Observe service information


Additional Images:

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DOT 4 - Fully synthetic brake fluid with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.

Hydraulic brakes use brake fluid to transmit the force from the pedal to the brake. To ensure that the braking force never diminishes and the hydraulic system operates reliably, high demands are placed on brake fluids.

That is why Ferdinand Bilstein carries only high-quality brake fluids - both in terms of boiling point and flow characteristics.

Please always store brake fluid in a dry and frost-free place, ideally with a consistent room temperature. Improper storage (extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity) can cause the fluid to absorb moisture and to age prematurely, meaning the expiry date indicated on the bottle can no longer be guaranteed. These storage recommendations are only applicable to original and sealed containers.


  • High freezing, corrosion and cavitation protection
  • Excellent lubricating properties, high resistance to ageing and high wetting and sticking properties
  • Prevention of deposits and foam formation
  • Compliance with vehicle manufacturer requirements


  • DBL 7760 Typ DOT 4
  • FMVSS 116 DOT 3, DOT 4
  • Ford SAM 6C9103 A
  • Fiat
  • General Motors GME L5 104
  • ISO 4925
  • Renault 41-02-001
  • SAE J 1703
  • VAG TL 7766 X/Y

Technical Information:

Boiling Point (ERBP):≥ 260 ° C
Recommended Use:DOT 4
Wet Boiling Point (Wet ERBP):160 ° C

Cross Reference:

AudiB 000 700 A1
BMW83 13 0 139 897 | 81 22 9 407 512
SeatB 000 700 A1
ŠkodaB 000 700 A1
VolkswagenB 000 700 A1

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