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Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment

Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment


Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatmen - 250ml



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Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment

Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is a multi-purpose fuel treatment designed for use in classic petrol engines to overcome the potential problems caused by using modern fuel, particularly fuel containing ethanol.

Most Classic vehicle engines were designed to run on the fuels of the day whereas modern fuels are significantly different from the historic fuels of the period.

Historic fuels were blended with tetra-ethyl lead to improve the fuel's octane number. Due to evidence that lead was being released to the environment, with the potential harm to humans, tetra-ethyl lead was removed from petrol in the late 1990s. Subsequently, concern over greenhouse gases has led to governments around the world legislating that petrol must contain ethanol, which reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Most modern cars produced within the last twenty years are designed to handle lead free petrol with an ethanol content of up to 15% (E15). However, most classic vehicles are intended to run using petrol containing lead, and are not designed to run on petrol containing ethanol.

With the ethanol content of petrol likely to rise to up to 10% (E-10), it is now more important than ever to protect classic car fuel systems from the harmful effects of ethanol corrosion. Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment, endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), does precisely this, protecting metals and fuel lines from ethanol corrosion while also combating valve seat recession.

Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is formulated to provide protection to the components in Classic vehicles from the challenges caused by these changes to the fuel being used.

PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDFDownload the Safety PDF


  • Ethanol is a hygroscopic material, meaning it absorbs water from the atmosphere, if enough water is absorbed from the atmosphere this can lead to phase separation, where the ethanol and water separate from the petrol, giving an acidic water layer at the bottom of the fuel tank which can corrode the tank, and damage the engine when trying to start it. Duckhams Classic Fuel treatment is formulated with a stabiliser additive which prevents the ethanol and water separating, protecting the fuel system components and the engine.
  • Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is formulated containing corrosion inhibitor additives which protect fuel system components, such as tanks, fuel lines and carburettors, from corrosion, even when using petrol containing ethanol. It also prevents the formation of acids within the fuel, again preventing corrosion of the components of the fuel system.
  • Duckham Classic Fuel Treatment is designed to work as a lead replacement treatment protecting against valve seat recession in engines designed to run on leaded petrol.
  • The addition of a gasoline detergent, combined with the stabiliser, prevents gum formation and keeps the engine system clean, maintaining the performance of the engine.

Technical Information:

  • Suitable for use in petrol engines designed to run on older petrol formulations, both with lead and without ethanol, preventing corrosion and valve seat recession. Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment is compatible with other commonly used fuel additives.
  • Duckham Classic Fuel Treatment should be added directly to the fuel tank. Add one measure (25ml) to the tank for every 25 litres of fuel added.
Fuel treated with Duckhams Classic Fuels Treatment shows significantly improved corrosion resistance when tested using the internationally recognised test method for fuel corrosion; NACE TM 0172.


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