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Bosch Brake Discs - 0986479E29

Bosch Brake Discs - 0986479E29


Bosch Brake Discs - 0986479E29 - Pair



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Bosch Brake Discs - 0986479E29

General Details:

Outer diameter [mm]385
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]24
Minimum thickness [mm]22,4
Height [mm]78,5
Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]120
Brake Disc TypeTwo-piece Brake Disc
Brake Disc TypeVented
Centering Diameter [mm]75
Number of Holes5
Supplementary Article/Info 2with bolts/screws
Fulfils ECE normECE-R90
Drill Diameter, up to [mm]16,5
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Guaranteed safe driving

Disc brakes have to be reliable. And Bosch disc brakes are even more reliable than you might expect. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials they even cope with extreme strains. Just one example: On full braking, the braking power is several times higher than the engine power. Temperatures in excess of 750°c can then arise between the pad and the brake disc. Only absolute top quality is able to withstand such extreme thermal and mechanical stress over the course of time - in other words, Bosch quality.

  • Coated disk for lasting protection
  • High-carbon technology for greater ride comfort
  • Extremely tight manufacturing tolerances for maximum reliability
  • Top quality workmanship throughout
  • The perfect type for every common make of car and vehicle model
  • Accurate, simple fitting


Bosch brake discs are made to exacting standards.

  • High quality surface finish to reduce bedding in period and noise
  • All vented discs are balanced at factory to ensure they run correctly on the vehicle
  • Anti corrosion plating on many discs means improved appreanance of alloy wheels
  • Casting and manufacturing tolerances to vehicle manufacturer standards


DesignationRear brake disk; rear
Trade abbreviation (HKB)BD 2693
Standard designationE1 90R 02C0480/0015
Maximum mounting hole diameter16,500 mm
Two-piece discYes
Contains boltsYes
Pitch circle diameter120,00 mm
Lateral runout50,00 µm
Hub diameter fitH9
Disc thickness variation (DTV)15,00 µm
Minimum brake disc thickness22,4 mm
Maximum thickness24,0 mm
Hub diameter75,00 mm
Meets manufacturer standards / specificationsECE-R90
Number of holes5
Diameter (unpacked)385,00 mm
Height (unpacked)78,50 mm

Technical Information:

Bosch Brake Discs - Superior Performance

Bosch brake discs are manufactured with safety and performance in mind. That's why they have the highest standards in the manufacturing process.

  1. Venting - Used where required, this design feature ensures the heat is dissipated effectively.
  2. Anti-corrosion plating - No cleaning required before installation and enhanced aesthetic appearance with long-lasting protection.
  3. Vehilce specific casting - Bosch use the widest range of high carbon and alloy materials to match OE specifications, ensuring the correct level of heat dissipation and preventing disc deformation.
  4. Heat groove - This acts as a thermal barrier reducing the heat transfer to the hub.
  5. Precise surface finish - This enables a shorter bedding in period and eliminates noise and vibration problems.
  6. Balancing - Each vented disc is balanced for perfect operation.

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