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Total Quartz Ineo Dynamics 0w-30 Engine Oil

Total Quartz Ineo Dynamics 0w-30 Engine Oil


Total Quartz Ineo Dynamics 0w- - 5 Litres

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Total Quartz Ineo Dynamics 0w-30 Engine Oil

Nowadays, engines face tremendously high operating temperatures and pressures. This accelerates oil oxidation and destabilises its molecular structure, leading to increased friction and sludge build-up.

TOTAL QUARTZ INEO DYNAMICS 0W-30 with ART (Age Resistance Technology) is an advanced, highly charged formula which fortifies the anti-oxidation properties of the engine oil offering therefore ultimate protection against sludge formation and wear.

TOTAL QUARTZ INEO DYNAMICS 0W-30 with ART is synthetic technology engine oil specially formulated to meet the latest ACEA standards and technical requirements of vehicle manufacturers. Its high-performance formula is able to protect the engine from start-up, even in coldest conditions and reduce engine wear significantly. 

It ensures strong durability and exceptional fuel economy performance whilst maintaining efficiency of emission systems in latest diesel and petrol engines of European vehicles requiring SAE 0W-30 viscosity grade. 

TOTAL QUARTZ INEO DYNAMICS 0W-30 is specifically recommended for use in BMW group vehicles requiring compliance with BMW LL-12FE specification.


  • Improved environmental impact: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO DYNAMICS 0W-30 reduces engine deposits and ensures optimal functioning of the latest Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Gasoline Catalytic Converters which lowers emissions of NOx, CO2, CO and particles. It complies with Euro VI emission standards.
  • Fuel economy: The friction between moving parts of the engine is significantly reduced, leading to 2.9% fuel economy performance on ACEA M111FE test.
  • Engine cleanliness: Reduces engine deposits to help maximize its performance
  • Cold start performance: Excellent engine protection at start-up


  • ACEA C2
  • BMW LL-12 FE

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Brand: Total
Oil Type: Synthetic Technology
DPF Compatible: Yes

DPF Compatible

This Engine Oil is DPF (diesel particulate filter) Compatible.

What’s a DPF?