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DENSO Air Conditioning Condenser -DCN01024

DENSO Air Conditioning Condenser -DCN01024


DENSO Air Conditioning Condens - Single



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DENSO Air Conditioning Condenser -DCN01024

General Details:

Thickness [mm]12
Weight [g]1800
Supplementary Article/Info 2with dryer
RefrigerantR 134a

Additional Images:

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This part matches Original Equipment (OE) quality specifications which means that it is at least as good if not better than the original part the manufacturer supplied the car with.

DENSO condensers are designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with the vehicle's original air conditioning system. DENSO condensers match up to OE condensers at every benchmark. Multiflow, subcooling, and the latest serpentine condenser styles are offered to provide the optimum configuration for each application. Premium aluminium construction improves reliability, resisting corrosion to avoid expensive system leaks, while the superior fin wave design offers higher heat transfer and maximum refrigerant condensation. Heat exchanger cores are specially designed to shed airborne material build-up, allowing the AC system to operate at peak efficiency with minimal maintenance, assuring years of trouble-free service.

DENSO First Time Fit parts meet or exceed all manufacturer standards, mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide years of reliable service.

Fitment / Compatibility:

ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.8 TBi (939.AXN1B)­05.09 - 12.12147­2001742Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.8 MPI (939AXL1A)­06.05 - 11.11103­1401796Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.9 JTS (939AXA1B)­09.05 - 11.11118­1601859Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 2.2 JTS (939AXB1B, 939AXB11)­09.05 - 11.11136­1852198Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.9 JTDM 8V (939AXE1B)­09.05 - 11.1188­1201910Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.9 JTDM 16V (939AXF1B, 939AXC1B)­09.05 - 11.11100­1361910Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 1.9 JTDM 16V (939AXC1B, 939AXC12)­09.05 - 11.11110­1501910Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 2.0 JTDM (939AXR1B)­06.10 - 11.11100­1361956Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_) 2.0 JTDM (939AXP1B)­05.09 - 11.11125­1701956Saloon
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.8 TBi (939BXN1B)­07.09 - 11.11147­2001742Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.8 MPI (939BXL1A)­06.05 - 11.11103­1401796Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.9 JTS (939BXA1B)­03.06 - 11.11118­1601859Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 2.2 JTS (939BXB1B, 939BXB11)­03.06 - 11.11136­1852198Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.9 JTDM 8V (939BXE1B)­03.06 - 11.1188­1201910Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.9 JTDM 16V (939BXC1B)­03.06 - 11.11100­1361910Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 1.9 JTDM 16V (939BXC1B, 939BXC12)­03.06 - 11.11110­1501910Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 2.0 JTDM (939BXR1B)­06.10 - 11.11100­1361956Estate
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_) 2.0 JTDM (939BXP1B)­07.09 - 11.11125­1701956Estate
ALFA ROMEO BRERA (939_) 1.8 TBi (939DXN1B)­05.09 - 06.10147­2001742Hatchback
ALFA ROMEO BRERA (939_) 2.2 JTS (939.DXB11)­01.06 - 05.11136­1852198Hatchback
ALFA ROMEO BRERA (939_) 2.0 JTDM (939DXP1B)­05.09 - 06.10125­1701956Hatchback
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (939_) 1.8 TBi (939DXN1B)­05.09 - 03.11147­2001742Convertible
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (939_) 2.2 JTS (939EXB1B, 939EXB11)­03.06 - 03.11136­1852198Convertible
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (939_) 2.0 JTDM (939DXP1B, 939EXP1B)­05.09 - 06.10125­1701956Convertible

Cross Reference:

  • OE Reference:
    • 50507287 
    • 60694767 
    • 60698005


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