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DENSO A/C Expansion Valve - DVE21007

DENSO A/C Expansion Valve - DVE21007


DENSO Expansion Valve DVE21007 - Single



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DENSO A/C Expansion Valve - DVE21007

The air conditioning system in a vehicle cools or heats the the air blown into the passenger compartment, allowing a comfortable environmental level to be maintained and reducing the presence of humidity, dust and smells. The overall system generally consists of a heater, evaporator and a ventilation system including a blower, air ducts, and air purifier. These components are connected to each other with different tubes and hoses.

The role of a thermostatic Expansion Valve is to control the evaporation process in the evaporator. This process involves injecting the refrigerant into the evaporator, which changes the refrigerant from a high pressure and high temperature liquid into a low pressure and low temperature liquid and gas mixture. 

The Expansion Valve also adjusts the refrigerant quantity according to the temperature of the superheated gas at the evaporator outlet. This means that, as a result, conditions are maintained under which the change of the refrigerant state (evaporation) is completed and only gas will flow to the compressor.

Expansion Valves are an important component as they prevent potential freezing and blockage by reducing A/C outlet condensation. If the A/C system is not emitting cooled air, or only a little cool air, the expansion valve could be clogged or defective.

This A/C Expansion Valve - DVE21007 is part of DENSO's Thermal Systems range.

DENSO First Time Fit® parts meet or exceed all manufacturer standards, mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide years of reliable service.

If you need help choosing the correct DENSO A/C Expansion Valve for your vehicle please contact us.

Important for returns:

Due to the nature of this product and manufacturer imposed restrictions, if this part comes in a sealed plastic bag we cannot accept returns if that plastic packaging is opened.

Packaging will be clearly marked with: "Non-Returnable if packaging is opened" or similar.

This item is non refundable if the sealed plastic package is opened


  • DENSO is the world leader in compressors (over 40% OE market share)
  • All DENSO Expansion Valves are new (no re-manufactured parts)
  • Expansion Valve range is 100% OE
  • Highest product quality, extremely low warranty ratio
  • 100% fit: Perfect match to vehicle specification
  • Precision built for a more consistent A/C operation, even when stationary

Technical Information:

DescriptionExpansion Valve, air conditioning
Valve Design (Text Mod)Block valve

Fitment / Compatibility:


Cross Reference:

MakeOE Number
Citroen / Peugeot1617881980

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