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DENSO Alternator - Engine Component - DAN2032

DENSO Alternator - Engine Component - DAN2032


DENSO Alternator - DAN2032 - Single



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DENSO Alternator - Engine Component - DAN2032

General Details:

Voltage [V]14
Alternator Charge Current [A]55
Number of ribs1
Belt Pulley Ø [mm]69
Pulleyswith belt pulley
Vehicle Main Currentfor vehicles with 12V main current
New Part

Additional Images:

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The alternator (& regulator) is driven by the engine via the belt. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, and supplies the required power to the various electrical loads. When power supplied by the alternator does not match the required electrical load (when all the electrical equipment is in use, or when the engine speed is low during idling etc.), the battery temporarily supplies extra power to the electrical equipment. However, during normal driving the alternator re-charges the battery to the original strength.

The engine speed changes constantly according to the driving conditions. This means that the alternator speed also changes, with the generated voltage changing in tandem. It is the role of the regulator to control the generated voltage of the alternator, supplying the various electrical loads with the appropriate voltage. The regulator also makes sure that the battery is charged appropriately.

DENSO introduced its first automotive Alternators in the 1960s. Since then they have pioneered a variety of new alternator designs capable of producing more electrical power more efficiently, yet in a smaller, lighter unit. In 2000, for example, DENSO introduced the world’s first SC (Segment Conductor) alternator using a rectangular conductor for its stator coil. By raising the winding density (space factor) from 45 percent to 70 percent, they were able to make the SC Alternator 20 percent lighter and achieve 50 percent higher output than a conventional type.

DENSO First Time Fit® parts meet or exceed all manufacturer standards, mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide years of reliable service.

If you need help choosing the correct DENSO Alternator for your vehicle please contact us.

Important for returns:

Due to the nature of this product and manufacturer imposed restrictions, if this part comes in a sealed plastic bag we cannot accept returns if that plastic packaging is opened.

Packaging will be clearly marked with: "Non-Returnable if packaging is opened" or similar.

This item is non refundable if the sealed plastic package is opened


  • 100% OE specification: for quality fit, appearance and service life
  • All ‘new in box’: no re-manufactured units, no core surcharge or return policy
  • Maximum efficiency: smallest and lightest in the world for their output
  • Extensive applications list: unique Toyota coverage plus wide range of European marques
  • Advanced technologies: designed to perform in cold and hot weather conditions; maximum cranking torque under all conditions; fully compatible with sophisticated electronics systems
  • Rigorous manufacturing and testing: meet highest standards of performance
  • First choice of the aftermarket: for a trouble-free repair
  • Optimised stator and rotor sizes: improve magnetic circuit to increase output
  • Smaller pulley diameter: allows a faster rotor
  • Two blades integrated with the rotor: reduce fan noise, size and weight

Technical Information:

Alternator Charge Current (A)55 A
Number of Ribs1
Belt Pulley Diameter69 mm
Pulleyswith belt pulley
Vehicle Main Currentfor vehicles with 12V main current
Rated Voltage14 V

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