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BOSCH Air Filter F026400208 (S 0208)

BOSCH Air Filter F026400208 (S 0208)


BOSCH Air Filter F026400208 - Single



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BOSCH Air Filter F026400208 (S 0208)

General Details:

Filter typeFilter Insert
Length [mm]259
Width [mm]209,5
Height [mm]51,5


Additional Images:

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The task of the Air Filter:

  • To protect the engine against dirt particles in the intake of air
  • To protect the engine against wear
  • To safeguard the air supply in the mixture generation
  • To reduce the noise level

Change the air filter regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specification.

The consequences of a dirty filter:

  • Poor air-fuel mixture generation resulting in reduced engine power and increased pollutant emissions
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased engine wear from particles
  • Problems starting your vehicle

The prerequisite for flawless operation: A tight fit

Leakages and porosity lead to a bypass of unfiltered, unmetered air into the intake duct. Consequently, Bosch Air Filters are made with a longer-lasting seal made of polyurethane:

  • Exact fit matched to the housing shapes
  • Unevenness in the housing is compensated for
  • Flexibility and suppleness in the seal across the entire service life of the filter

To check specific compatibility for this part, you can use our Vehicle Lookup.


  • Bosch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gasoline and diesel systems, so no one is better placed to specify the right filter than Bosch
  • Each filter is made specifically for each engine type, so they are matched to the specific engine requirements without compromise
  • Guaranteed standards that meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications
  • Improved engine performance, fuel consumption and service life with reduced engine repairs
  • Multi-layered filter media with special resin impregnation: Contributes to a long service life, moisture resistance and tensile strength
  • Large filter surface area with embossing for a high particle holding capacity: Contributes to a long service life and reduced flow resistance
  • Precise dimensions and high-quality sealing materials: Easy and reliable installation

Fitment / Compatibility:

MITSUBISHI GRANDIS (NA_W) 2.0 DI-D (NA8W)­09.05 - 03.10100­1361968MPV
MITSUBISHI GRANDIS (NA_W) 2.0 DI-D (NA8W)­02.07 - 03.10103­1401968MPV

Cross Reference:

MakeOE Number
MitsubishiMN 135269

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