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Mahle Air Filter - LX 4398/1 (LX4398/1) Fits: Audi / VW Group

Mahle Air Filter - LX 4398/1 (LX4398/1) Fits: Audi / VW Group


Mahle Air Filter LX 4398/1 - Single



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Mahle Air Filter - LX 4398/1 (LX4398/1) Fits: Audi / VW Group

General Details:

Filter typeFilter Insert
Length [mm]276
Width [mm]170
Height [mm]47,7
Packaging length [cm]18,0
Net Weight [g]240,0
Packaging height [cm]28,00
Packaging width [cm]5,50

Additional Images:

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Many major automobile and engine manufacturers rely on the expertise of MAHLE for air filters—for good reason: engine performance, torque, low consumption, and minimal emissions require well-filtered air. And their cellulose (paper) filters, plastic non-wovens, or a combination of both can trap just about everything. They capture up to 99.98% of toxic dust, soot, and tyre particles. The finest filters trap nearly all particles larger than 3 µm. This means that MAHLE air filters prevent premature wear of valves, cylinder surfaces, piston rings, bearings, and other engine components. But be careful: in order for the filters to work perfectly, they must be replaced at the intervals prescribed by the automobile manufacturer.

In order to protect the filters from moisture, the intake port is designed to keep water away from the filter element as much as possible. If moisture does reach the filter anyway, they have added another layer of protection. Their filter papers are impregnated with a special synthetic resin that increases the resistance of the filter insert to water and chemicals. Glue beads on the backs of the folds help the filter elements retain their shape.

Please contact us if you need help choosing the correct Air Filter for your vehicle, or you can use our Vehicle Lookup to check specific compatibility.


  • World leading supplier
  • Captures up to 99.98% of contaminants
  • Prevents premature wear of engine components
  • Increased resistance to water and chemicals
  • Minimal emissions

Fitment / Compatibility:

This part is compatible with a large number of vehicles including (but not limited to):

  • AUDI
  • SEAT
  • VW

Cross Reference:

  • Mahle Trade Number(s):
    • 72493169
  • OE Reference(s):
    • AUDI 5Q0129620E
    • AUDI 5Q0129620F
    • AUDI 5Q0129620G
    • VAG 5Q0129620E
    • VAG 5Q0129620F
    • VAG 5Q0129620G
    • CUPRA 5Q0129620E
    • CUPRA 5Q0129620F
    • CUPRA 5Q0129620G

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