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Apec Brake Hose (HOS3156)

Apec Brake Hose (HOS3156)


Apec (HOS3156) - Single



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Apec Brake Hose (HOS3156)

This Apec Brake Hose (HOS3156) is supplied in OE matching quality and has been thoroughly tested for accuracy and endurance to maintain the superior quality of Apec products.

A brake hose is a critical part of your vehicle's braking system, with the main function of delivering brake fluid to the brake callipers and wheel cylinders so that your brakes engage sufficiently when slowing or stopping your vehicle.

Brake hoses from Apec are made to last, built with a combination of twin PVA braid construction and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene M-Class) rubber that provides incredible flexibility and strength. EPDM rubber is perfect for exposed braking parts because it has exceptional resistance to heat, ozone and various weather elements. With corrosion-protected, eco-friendly end fittings, Apec Brake Hoses ensure reliable hydraulics performance under even the most testing conditions.

Apec Brake Hoses are manufactured with precision on advanced production lines, which means they guarantee an easy fit straight out of the box.

To check vehicle-specific compatibility you can use our Vehicle Lookup.

General Details:

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Infowith pipe
Length 1 [mm]160
Length 2 [mm]280
Thread Size 1Female M10 x 1
Thread Size 210mm Banjo
Article number of recommended accessoriesBBT10
Article number of recommended accessoriesBBW3

Additonal Images:

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  • OEM matching quality
  • 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty guarantee
  • Manufactured with precision on advanced production lines
  • Reliable performance under testing conditions
  • Corrosion-protected, eco-friendly end fittings

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • X5 Petrol SUV 4.4 i 4398cc 210KW 286HP M62 B44 (448S2)
  • X5 Diesel SUV 3.0 d 2925cc 135KW 184HP M57 D30 (306D1)
  • X5 Petrol SUV 4.6 is 4619cc 255KW 347HP M62 B46 (468S1)
  • X5 Petrol SUV 3.0 i 2979cc 170KW 231HP M54 B30 (306S3)
  • X5 Petrol SUV 4.4 i 4398cc 235KW 320HP N62 B44 A
  • X5 Diesel SUV 3.0 d 2993cc 160KW 218HP M57 D30 (306D2)
  • X5 Petrol SUV 4.8 is 4799cc 265KW 360HP N62 B48 A
  • X5 Diesel SUV 3.0 d 2993cc 155KW 211HP M57 D30 (306D2)

Cross Reference:

  • 1165766
  • 34301165766

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