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DENSO Iridium Racing Spark Plug [IRE01-27] 5719

DENSO Iridium Racing Spark Plug [IRE01-27] 5719


DENSO Racing SparkPlug IRE0127 - Single Plug

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DENSO Iridium Racing Spark Plug [IRE01-27] 5719

Please use our DENSO Spark Plug Lookup or contact us to find the right spark plug for your car

DENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technology since 1959. They develop all of their ranges in-house, and manufacture them in their own ISO9000 certified factories worldwide - with 'zero defects' as standard. They also provide this outstanding OE quality to the aftermarket. Including Standard, Platinum and Iridium, DENSO Spark Plugs cover a complete range of continually updated references. Guaranteeing optimum engine performance, choose DENSO Spark Plugs for every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application.

DENSO's unique Iridium Racing plugs feature iridium-rhodium alloy and a platinum tip on the ground electrode - for ultimate acceleration, engine output, ignition and spark voltage out on the circuit. These ultimate plugs have been specially tested and developed by DENSO for top level motor racing to give drivers superb engine response and unbeatable reliability - even in the most demanding conditions.

These plugs are recommended for drivers who care about:

  • Improved Acceleration
    Unbeatable acceleration performance on the circuit. With 0.4 mm diameter centre electrode, Iridium Racing plugs are the realisation of superb ignition performance and spark voltage at unparalleled levels. Misfires have been controlled and will allow you to have steadily high levels of response and increased acceleration.
  • Improved Horse Power
    More power with an ideal combustion cycle. Through superb ignition performance and spark voltage, non-firing and misfires under a variety of conditions has been greatly reduced. As a result, combustion conditions have improved dramatically, increasing engine output.

General Details:

for OE numberN3A118110
Connector typeCrimped SAE
Diameter [mm]14
Spanner Size20.6
Tightening Torque [Nm]22
Weight [g]46
Country Specific DesignJapan
Spark Plug1 - Earthed Electrode
Spark PlugPlatinum mass electrode
Thread Length [mm]21,5
Supplementary Article/Info 2Only for racing purposes

Additonal Images:

Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture


  • Improved cold-starting
  • More efficient fuel consumption
  • Better engine performance and acceleration
  • Smoother idling performance and throttle response
  • Original equipment quality now available to the aftermarket
  • Plugs available for all applications
  • Handles extreme compression and boost levels
  • Ultimate performance and durability
  • Maximizes track time, minimizes downtime

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • RX-7 Wankel Coupe 1.3 Turbo 1308cc 147KW 200HP RE13B
  • RX-7 Wankel Coupe 1.3 Twin Turbo 1308cc 176KW 239HP RE13B
  • RX-7 Wankel Convertible 1.3 Turbo 1308cc 147KW 200HP 13B-MSP

Cross Reference:

  • 1482 18 600A
  • 1483 18 600
  • N201 18 600
  • N202 18 600
  • N229 18 600
  • N246 18 600
  • N253 18 600
  • N328 18 100
  • N331 18 110
  • N339 18 110
  • N342 18 110
  • N343 18 110
  • N3A1 18 110
  • N3A2 18 110
  • N3A3 18 110

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