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Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax Fuel Treatment 500ml/5L

Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax Fuel Treatment 500ml/5L


Millers Diesel Power Ecomax - 500ml



Millers Diesel Power Ecomax - 5 Litres

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Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax Fuel Treatment 500ml/5L

Designed with engine cleanliness and enhanced combustion efficiency in mind, the Millers Diesel Power Ecomax is a high specification fuel treatment, suitable for use in diesel vehicles. 

Millers Diesel Power Ecomax can help to reduce emissions, clean your injectors at top speeds and improve lubricity. Aside from this, it can add up to 4 cetane numbers to help improve the power of your vehicle, as well as its fuel economy. 

This treatment can be used in any diesel vehicle, with or without DPFs, including Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emission-compliant engines. It is also suitable for vehicles fitted with AdBlue aftertreatment systems. To use, simply add 50ml to your fuel tank or for amplified performance add a double dose (100ml). 


A 500ml bottle of Millers Diesel Power Ecomax can treat up to ten 50L tanks at single dosage. It has an improved formula and is ideal for use as a clean-up treatment before an MOT test.

This treatment provides a tactile improvement in the performance of your vehicle, with benefits including noise reduction, fuel savings and engine smoothness confirmed by users. 

By drastically cleaning the engine and improving combustion, this diesel fuel treatment can reduce the emission of hydrocarbons (HC), nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. This also helps to reduce particulates, reducing the risk of your DPF becoming blocked and potentially requiring a costly repair. 

Millers Diesel Power Ecomax also has an enhanced detergency package, as well as lubricity magnifiers which can provide corrosion control, prolonged injector cleanliness, a quicker clean up and fuel system component wear protection. 

Millers Oils 

Established in 1887, Millers Oils are a leading independent blender of oil and fuel additives. They have a wide range of different transmission and engine oils, as well as fuel treatments like the Ecomax. Each is formulated to deliver outstanding performance and increased engine longevity. 


Suitable forDiesel engines, including Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI
DPF compatible? Yes
Dilution ratio1 part to 1000 parts (1ml/l)

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