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Millers Oils Diesel Power EcoMax One Shot Boost 250ml

Millers Oils Diesel Power EcoMax One Shot Boost 250ml


Millers Diesel Power Eco 1shot - Bottle [0.25L]

Bottle [0.25L]


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Millers Oils Diesel Power EcoMax One Shot Boost 250ml

A high specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness. This diesel fuel treatment is suitable for vehicles fitted with AdBlue aftertreatment systems.

For use in all diesel vehicles including Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI compliant engines. Empty complete contents into fuel tank before filling to ensure thorough mixing. One bottle treats 60 litres of fuel.

Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax One Shot Boost is also known as:
  • Millers Diesel Power Eco max One Shot Boost 250ml
  • Millers diesel one shot additive
Please note that we are unable to send this product or any other diesel cetane booster to destinations outside the UK.

Dosage: One bottle treats 60L of Diesel


  • A modern state of the art fuel treatment that is suitable for all diesel engines and provides a tangible improvement to vehicle performance and enhanced fuel economy
  • Increases cetane rating of diesel by up to 5 numbers
  • Noticeably improved throttle and engine response at lower revs designed to offer the best of both power and economy
  • Enhanced detergency package for quicker clean up and prolonged injector cleanliness
  • Protection of fuel system components against wear, with specially added lubricity enhancers
  • Engine smoothness, noise reduction and fuel savings confirmed by users
  • Improved combustion and engine cleanliness drastically reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NOx)
  • Ideal for use as a pre-MOT test clean-up treatment
  • Provides fuel system corrosion control
  • Prevents fuel from ageing

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