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Mahle Fuel Filter KC179 (Fiat Punto, Kia Sorento)

Mahle Fuel Filter KC179 (Fiat Punto, Kia Sorento)


MAHLE KC179 Oil Filter - single



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Mahle Fuel Filter KC179 (Fiat Punto, Kia Sorento)

Mahle Fuel Filter - Reference: KC179

Please use our Mahle filter lookup to find the Mahle filters for your car

Mahle are a world leading supplier of filters to the automotive after market industry. We supply all Mahle aftermarket filters - made to the exact quality and standards specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

Increased service life makes also higher demands on the filter media in oil filters, particularly as the new engine generations with direct injection increase the problem of oil aging. With the use of new fully synthetic high performance oils, replacement intervals of up to 50,000 km are reached – with a trend to even longer intervals. However, due to the new general conditions, conventional filter raw materials are becoming less suitable, especially as the excessive nitration of the oils leads to embrittlement of the filter medial. The response from MAHLE: a fully synthetic two-layer fleece made of polyester, consisting of a support and a filtration layer. This makes it possible to achieve highest filtration performance with best stability – and at the same time block forming in the pleats can be avoided. Compared with cellulose fibres, the aging stability of the new oil filter medium is 7 times higher – and it offers the same or even lower pressure drop at significantly increased dirt pick-up capacity.

We also have the following application guides available to help you find the part you need, whether it's for a car, van, truck, agricultural or construction vehicle:

General Details:

Filter typeSpin-on Filter
Diameter [mm]80
Height [mm]176
Thread SizeM16x1,5
Diameter 2 [mm]69
Seal Diameter [mm]62
Tightening Torque [Nm]14
Packaging height [cm]17,50
Net Weight [g]470
Packaging length [cm]8,5
Packaging width [cm]8,50

Additonal Images:

Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • Multipla Diesel MPV 1.9 JTD 115 1910cc 85KW 115HP 186 A8.000
  • Multipla Diesel MPV 1.9 JTD 110 1910cc 81KW 110HP 186 A6.000
  • Multipla Van Diesel Van-Based MPV 1.9 JTD 1910cc 81KW 110HP 186 A6.000
  • Punto Diesel Hatch 1.9 JTD 80 1910cc 59KW 80HP 188 A2.000
  • Punto Diesel Hatch 1.9 JTD 1910cc 63KW 86HP 188 A7.000
  • Punto Diesel Panel Van 1.9 JTD 1910cc 63KW 86HP 188 A7.000
  • Sorento Diesel SUV 2.5 CRDi 2497cc 103KW 140HP D4CB
  • Sorento Diesel SUV 2.5 CRDi 4WD 2497cc 103KW 140HP D4CB

Cross Reference:

  • 46807036
  • 46823390
  • 9949267
  • 313003E000
  • 313003E200
  • 319223E000
  • OK55212603A
  • 313003E000
  • 313003E200
  • 319223E000
  • OK55212603A


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