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Mahle Cabin Air Filter - LA 33 / LA33

Mahle Cabin Air Filter -  LA 33 / LA33


Mahle Cabin Filter LA 33 - Single



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Mahle Cabin Air Filter - LA 33 / LA33

General Details:

Filter typeParticulate Filter
Length [mm]292
Width [mm]170
Height [mm]17,5
Packaging length [cm]17,5
Packaging width [cm]2,00
Packaging height [cm]39,50
Net Weight [g]42,0


Additional Images:

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Mahle are a world leading supplier of filters to the automotive after market industry. We supply all Mahle aftermarket filters - made to the exact quality and standards specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

Cabin air filters are very efficient: during only one hour of driving, an air volume of up to 100,000 litres is circulated through the vehicle interior. All the more reason to change cabin air filter elements regularly. MAHLE recommends changing the cabin air filter every 15,000km or a minimum of at least once per year. If the cabin air filter fails or is clogged, the pollutant concentration in the interior of the vehicle can increase to six times of that of the outside air. 

MAHLE cabin air filters reliably supply the driver and passengers with clean air to breathe, which safeguards their health, well-being and ability of the driver to concentrate even in the event of smog or high pollen count. They also reduce the load on the blower, protect heating and air conditioning from contamination, improve air circulation and prevent dangerous fogging of the windows. In addition, the inside of the windows and fittings remain cleaner for longer.

The pleat geometry of the cabin air filter elements is designed to provide a long service life. The low flow resistance minimises the load on the blowers. Thanks to the accurate fit of the filter elements in the housings, bypass air is prevented.

MAHLE's cabin air filters produce no harmful emissions as solvent-free methods, such as ultrasound welding technology, are used for their production.

Please use our Filter Lookup to help find the correct Mahle Filter for your vehicle.


  • World leading supplier
  • Protects heating & air-conditioning
  • Improves air circulation
  • Prevents window fog
  • Long service life
  • No harmful emissions

Cross Reference:

  • Mahle Trade Number:
    • 76417877
    • LAK 33
MakeOE Number

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