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Cabin Air Filter Element - MAHLE LA 122/S

Cabin Air Filter Element - MAHLE LA 122/S


MAHLE LA122/S - 2 Part Set

2 Part Set


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Cabin Air Filter Element - MAHLE LA 122/S

Cabin air filters are very efficient: during only one hour of driving, an air volume of up to 100,000 litres is circulated through the vehicle interior. All the more reason to change cabin air filter elements regularly. MAHLE recommends changing the cabin air filter every 15,000km or a minimum of at least once per year. If the cabin air filter fails or is clogged, the pollutant concentration in the interior of the vehicle can increase to six times of that of the outside air. MAHLE cabin air filters reliably supply the driver and passengers with clean air to breathe, which safeguards their health, well-being and ability of the driver to concentrate even in the event of smog or high pollen count. They also reduce the load on the blower, protect heating and air conditioning from contamination, improve air circulation and prevent dangerous fogging of the windows. In addition, the inside of the windows and fittings remain cleaner for longer.

Notes: Set contains 2 pieces.

Please contact us if you need help choosing the correct parts for your vehicle.

General Details:

Filter typeParticulate Filter
Length [mm]225,0
Width [mm]111
Height [mm]30,0
Packaging length [cm]22,9
Packaging height [cm]23,50
Packaging width [cm]3,30
Net Weight [g]80

Additonal Images:

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  • Filters up to 100,000 litres of air per hour
  • Can reduce pollutant concentration by up to six times
  • Improves air circulation in the cabin

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • Civic Petrol Saloon 1.4 1396cc 66KW 90HP D14Z5
  • Civic Petrol Saloon 1.6 1590cc 81KW 110HP D16W7
  • Civic Petrol Saloon 1.7 1668cc 85KW 116HP D17A6
  • Civic Petrol Coupe 1.7 i 1668cc 88KW 120HP D17A8
  • Civic Petrol Coupe 1.7 i-VTEC 1668cc 92KW 125HP D17A5;D17A9
  • Civic Petrol Hatch 2.0 Type-R 1998cc 147KW 200HP K20A2
  • Civic Diesel Hatch 1.7 CTDi 1686cc 74KW 100HP 4EE-2
  • Civic Mild Hybrid Saloon 1.3 IMA 1339cc 61KW 83HP LDA1
  • Civic Petrol Hatch 2.0 i Sport 1998cc 118KW 160HP K20A3
  • Civic Petrol Hatch 1.4 Si 1396cc 66KW 90HP D14Z5;D14Z6
  • Civic Petrol Hatch 1.6 i 1590cc 81KW 110HP D16V1;D16W7
  • Civic Petrol Coupe 1.6 i 1590cc 81KW 110HP D16V1
  • Civic Petrol Hatch 1.4 i 1396cc 55KW 75HP D14Z6
  • CR-V Petrol SUV 2.0 1998cc 110KW 150HP K20A4
  • CR-V Diesel SUV 2.2 CTDi 2204cc 103KW 140HP N22A2
  • FR-V Diesel MPV 2.2 i CTDi 2204cc 103KW 140HP N22A1
  • FR-V Petrol MPV 1.8 1799cc 103KW 140HP R18A1
  • FR-V Petrol MPV 2.0 1998cc 110KW 150HP K20A9
  • FR-V Petrol MPV 1.7 1668cc 92KW 125HP D17A2
  • Stream Petrol MPV 1.7 16V 1668cc 92KW 125HP D17A2;D17A5
  • Stream Petrol MPV 2.0 16V 1998cc 115KW 156HP K20A1;K20A5

Cross Reference:

  • 08291S5A003
  • 08292-SCA-E11
  • 08R79S5A600
  • 08R79S5AA00
  • 08R79S5AD0
  • 08R79S5AD00
  • 80291SCAE11
  • 80292S50A01
  • 80292S5A003
  • 80292S5D406
  • 80292S5D416
  • 80292S5DA01
  • 80292S6DG01
  • 80292S6M901
  • 80292SCAE11
  • 80292SCAG01
  • 80292SCVA01


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