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Mahle Air Filter LX292 (Citroen)

Mahle Air Filter LX292 (Citroen)


MAHLE LX292 Air Filter - single



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Mahle Air Filter LX292 (Citroen)

Mahle Air Filter - Reference: LX292

Please use our Mahle filter lookup to find the Mahle filters for your car

Mahle are a world leading supplier of filters to the automotive after market industry. We supply all Mahle aftermarket filters - made to the exact quality and standards specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

Clean air intake is one of the most important conditions for optimal engine power, high torque, low fuel consumption and minimized pollutant emissions. With MAHLE air filters, up to 99.9 percent of dust, soot and tire wear particles are filtered out. At the same time, an optimal air/fuel mixture is assured. The high particle uptake capacity ensures long service life under extreme conditions such as heat, cold or chemical contaminants. Their quality filters prevent premature wear of valves, cylinder working surfaces, piston rings, bearings and other engine components. To ensure optimum filter performance, all filters should be replaced within the service intervals stipulated by the car manufacturers.

We also have the following application guides available to help you find the part you need, whether it's for a car, van, truck, agricultural or construction vehicle:

General Details:

Filter typeFilter Insert
Height [mm]112,5
Outer Diameter [mm]185,0
Inner Diameter 1 [mm]104
Packaging width [cm]11,50
Packaging length [cm]19,0
Packaging height [cm]19,00
Net Weight [g]192

Additonal Images:

Click for larger picture
Click for larger picture

Fitment / Compatibility:

  • 2 CV Petrol Saloon 4 435cc 17KW 23HP A79/1 (AYA2)
  • 2 CV Petrol Saloon 6 602cc 18KW 24HP M28/1 (AK2)
  • 2 CV Petrol Saloon 6 602cc 20KW 27HP A06/664
  • 2 CV Petrol Saloon 6 602cc 21KW 29HP A06/635;A06/664
  • Acadiane Petrol Van 6 602cc 23KW 31HP M28 (AM2)
  • Acadiane Petrol Van 6 602cc 22KW 30HP M28 (AM2)
  • Dyane Petrol Hatch 6 602cc 24KW 33HP M28/1 (AK2)
  • LNA Petrol Hatch 0.6 602cc 24KW 33HP R06 627
  • Mehari Petrol Convertible Off-Road Vehicle 0.6 602cc 19KW 26HP M28/1 (AK2)
  • Mehari Petrol Convertible Off-Road Vehicle 0.6 602cc 21KW 29HP A06/635;M28/1 (AK2)
  • Mehari Petrol Convertible Off-Road Vehicle 4x4 602cc 21KW 29HP A06/635

Cross Reference:

  • 5202397
  • 5503397
  • 95544629
  • 95546429
  • 955464429
  • 95574429
  • 93152243

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