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NGK PZTR5A-15 (7862) - Laser Platinum Spark Plug / Sparkplug - Dual Platinum Electrodes

NGK PZTR5A-15 (7862) - Laser Platinum Spark Plug / Sparkplug - Dual Platinum Electrodes


NGK Sparkplug Platinum Spark P - Single



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NGK PZTR5A-15 (7862) - Laser Platinum Spark Plug / Sparkplug - Dual Platinum Electrodes

Laser Platinum spark plugs provide high ignitability and longer service life. Dual platinum surfaces ensure slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

NGK is the brand leader in the UK spark plug market and are the world's biggest supplier to many major car manufacturers. Each and every one of their products are designed to meet the most rigorous standards and are the professionals' choice because of their quality and technical excellence. Their plugs can be found in use by teams in F1, WRC and MotoGP. Put simply, NGK genuine spark plugs are the workhorse at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world.

NGK Platinum Laser Spark Plugs are manufactured to improve the performance of the ignition system. They are constructed from durable material which is corrosion and abrasion resistant. This spark plug includes laser welded platinum tip on the center electrode and a platinum tip on the ground electrode. It features a taper cut which reduces the voltage necessary and provides better throttle response. This spark plug improves efficiency and allows smoother idling.

To find the correct spark plugs for your vehicle please use our online lookup or contact us for more help.

General Details:

Spanner Size16 mm
Thread SizeM14 x 1,25
Thread Length [mm]17,5
Spark PlugPlatinum Middle Electrode
Spark Plug1 - Earthed Electrode
Spark PlugInterference Suppression 5 kOhm
Spark Plugwith taper gasket seat
Spark Position [mm]5,0
Spark PlugFixed SAE connector

Additonal Images:

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  • Laser welded Platinum centre electrode tip
  • Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides long life
  • Trivalent Metal Plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Faster starts and quicker acceleration
  • Better fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Best Platinum spark plug available
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer approved design

Cross Reference:

  • 12 563 707
  • 12 578 277
  • 12 563 707
  • 12 578 277
  • 12 563 707
  • 12 578 277
  • 12 563 707
  • 12 578 277
  • 12 563 707
  • 12 578 277
  • 12 14 014
  • 12 563 707
  • 12 563 707
  • 12 578 277

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