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NGK Glow Plug Y-530J (NGK 6586)

NGK Glow Plug Y-530J (NGK 6586)


NGK Glow Plug Y-530J (NGK 6586 - Single



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NGK Glow Plug Y-530J (NGK 6586)

NGK Glow Plug - Reference: Y-530J

Please use our NGK glow plug lookup or contact us to find the right glow plug for your car.

From the worlds No.1 spark plug manufacturer you'd expect nothing but the best from their glow plugs too; and you'd be right. NGK have been relentlessly developing engine pre-heating technology since the early 1960s and the inbuilt advanced technology ensures that automotive engineers can get the most out of their engine designs and help them meet the increasing emission targets necessary to improve our environment.

Plug Type: Self Regulating Metal (SRM)
The SRM glow plug contains a heating coil to rapidly raise the temperature and a second coil to increase the electrical resistance as the temperature rises. Due to the special electrical properties of the resistance-regulating coil the SRM glow plug can provide a very fast warm up time and control the final temperature without the need for complex external control systems. This reduces the vehicle manufacturer’s costs whilst giving good pre and post heating performance. Temperature rise time approximately 4 seconds up to 900 degrees Celsius.

General Details:

Glow Plug DesignMetal glow plug
Voltage [V]11,0
Current Strength [A]3,5
Resistor [Ohm]1,4
Overall Length [mm]82,0
Fitting Depth [mm]19,0
Thread SizeM10 x 1,25
Spanner Size12 mm
Connector typeM4

Additonal Images:

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Fitment / Compatibility:

  • Cabstar E Diesel Chassis Cab 75.28 2283cc 55KW 75HP LD23
  • Largo Diesel MPV 2.3 D 2283cc 55KW 75HP LD23
  • Serena Diesel Van-Based MPV 2.3 2283cc 55KW 75HP LD23
  • Vanette Cargo Diesel Van 2.3 D 2283cc 55KW 75HP LD23
  • Vanette Cargo Diesel Bus 2.3 D 2283cc 55KW 75HP LD23

Cross Reference:

  • 11065-7C000
  • 11065-7C000

Technical PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDF

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