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Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15W-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15W-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil


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Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15W-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15w-50 (formerly known as Silkolene Pro R 15w-50) is a race proven engine oil with a high synthetic content and ester. Utilising advanced wear reducing chemistry, ester synthetic base materials and technology derived from aircraft turbojet engine lubrication, Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15w-50 exhibits load-carrying and film strength properties considerably in excess of those achieved with conventional mineral or synthesised hydrocarbon lubrications (PAOs).

Pro R was previously available under the Silkolene brand. Pro R has now been re-labelled as Fuchs Titan Race Pro R and offers the same outstanding formulation. During the changeover, you may receive Silkolene or Fuchs Titan branded product.

Fuchs Titan Race Pro R is an oil formulated for motorsport, track and high performance use. Fuchs have not therefore sought manufacturer approvals for road use, but this is an engine oil of outstanding quality and stability, exceeding the requirements of many industry and manufacturer standards.

Fuchs Titan Race Pro R is red in colour.

Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15w-50 is also known as Fuchs Pro Race 15w-50 and was previously available as Silkolene Pro R 15w-50


Fuchs Titan Pro R 15W-50 provides outstanding protection for highly stressed 4-stroke engines in track and other off-road environments. Highly stressed power units running lead free, low lead or conventional fuels all benefit from the extra protection of Pro R 15w50

Pro R 15W-50 also gives excellent performance in motorcycle gearboxes. Very high film strength and stable multigrade characteristics give optimum protection and superior gear change characteristics.
  • High detergency ensures exceptional engine cleanliness
  • Test bed and extensive racing experience show significant increases in power output.
  • High film strength reduces wear and friction, ensuring reliability and long component life.
  • Unique formula releases entrained air quickly, minimising the risk of oil starvation.
  • Advanced surface chemistry provides vital protection to pistons and bores, cam lobes and bearings
  • Excellent shear stability for ‘stay-in-grade’ performance.


  • Specifications
    • API SH
    • API SJ
    • API SL

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Brand: Fuchs
Oil Type: Race / Competition Synthetic

We say...

"A great oil for road and track, popular in a lot of classics too."