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Fuchs Renolin HighGear Syn 320 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil

Fuchs Renolin HighGear Syn 320 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil


Fuchs Renolin HighGear Syn - 20L (Drum)

20L (Drum)


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Fuchs Renolin HighGear Syn 320 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil

Lead Time Warning:

Please note that some industrial and commercial products are made to order and therefore have an extended lead time. For exact delivery timescales get in touch with the Opie Oils team.

Synthetic industrial gear oils of the newest additive technology - plastic deformation (PD) technology

RENOLIN HighGear Synth is a highlight of the latest FUCHS R&D activities. RENOLIN HighGear Synth is based on selected synthetic base oils (polyalphaolefin – PAO). Synergistic additives guarantee the excellent anti-wear and extreme-pressure performance of these new high-tech industrial gear oils. Even under extreme load conditions, extreme mixed-friction and boundary-friction conditions, at high pressures, at high specific loads and at low relative velocities, on rough surfaces and on pre-damaged surfaces in gears, the newly developed additive technology prevents wear, scuffing and scoring, as well as damages. The synergistically acting additives are based on special sulphur components, selected surface-active phosphorus components, special zinc dialkyldithiophosphates and polyalphaolefin-soluble liquid molybdenum components which can form highperformance tribo protection layers in the contact zone of gear wheel and pinion, in roller bearings and in machine elements under high load. The high performance tribo protection layers prevent wear at extremely high and low temperatures and under hard working conditions.

The technology of these synergistically acting additive systems is also known as Plastic Deformation (PD) reaction mechanism. Surface roughness is reduced by a considerable smoothing effect. Synthetic base oils together with the latest additive technology guarantee the highest technical performance.

The excellent resistance to scuffing and scoring, a high failure load stage in the FZG test, an excellent FE8 roller bearing wear protection and an extremely high resistance to pitting (which can not be reached when using standard industrial gear oils) demonstrate the excellent technical performance of the fully formulated RENOLIN HighGear Synth oils.

The pitting test was passed with excellent results, which indicates that the formulation will also offer an excellent protection against micro-pitting.

The synthetic base oils have an excellent viscosity temperature- behaviour (high natural, shear-stable viscosity index).

RENOLIN HighGear Synth oils offer an improved thermal and oxidation stability. Under extreme thermal conditions, the formation of sludge under the influence of air (and oxygen) can be avoided. Even when exposed to extreme conditions, the RENOLIN HighGear Synth oils remain stable during a long period of time.

The synergistic additive systems remain dissolved in the oil during the long lifetime even at high temperatures. The new additive technology also offers excellent corrosion protection (steel and yellow metal materials).

The RENOLIN HighGear Synth products are based on the latest additive technology. They can be used in all types of new gears under extreme working conditions to reduce wear, friction and noise. They are also recommended for pre-damaged gear sets, spindles and machine elements to increase the lifetime of the components.

The RENOLIN HighGear Synth products can be used over a large temperature range, at very high and extremely low operating temperatures. Due to the synthetic base oils, service intervals can be extended because of the prolonged oil lifetime.

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Making sure that you use the right oil, lubricant, grease or product for your commercial / industrial application is especially important when dealing with expensive machinery.

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PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDF


  • Extremely low friction coefficient at high loads
  • Stable friction coefficient
  • High resistance to scuffing and scoring
  • Extremely high pitting resistance
  • Excellent FE8 roller bearing wear protection
  • Excellent corrosion protection (steel and copper materials)
  • High viscosity index (high VI)
  • High resistance to ageing, high additive reserve, high thermal stability, no sludge formation - synthetic base oils
  • Low foaming, excellent air release
  • Extremely low pour point
  • PD technology, Plastic Deformation, smoothing effect
  • Miscible with industrial gear oils


The products meet and surpass the minimum requirements according to
  • DIN 51 517-3 (2004): CLP-HC
  • ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD / CKE
  • AGMA 9005/E02: EP

Technical Information:

RENOLIN HighGear Synth

Test Method
Kinematic viscosity
at 40ºC
at 100ºC


Viscosity index
DIN ISO 2909
Density at 15ºCkg/m3
DIN 51 757
Flashpoint, Cleverland Open Cup
ºC220DIN ISO 2592
PourpointºC-34DIN ISO 3016
Neutralization number
mg KOH/g
2.7DIN 51 558
Steel corrosion
Method A: distilled water
Method B: salt water
Degree of corrosion

DIN ISO 7120
Copper corrosionDegree of corrosion
1-100 A 48
Seq. I: 24ºC
Seq. II 93.5ºC
Seq. II:24ºC after 93.5ºC


ASTM D 892
SRV test, ball plate duration test, 2h/300N/50Hz/50ºC,
Friction coefficient (average)
Stability of the fric


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