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Bilt Hamber Etchweld

Bilt Hamber Etchweld


Bilt Hamber Etchweld - 500ml Aerosol

500ml Aerosol


Bilt Hamber Etchweld - 1 Litre Pail

1 Litre Pail


Bilt Hamber Etchweld - 5 Litre Pail

5 Litre Pail


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Bilt Hamber Etchweld

Bilt Hamber Etchweld is a single pack high-performance self-etching primer that provides ultra-high levels of adhesion to steel substrates. Protects surfaces from corrosion and promotes superb adhesion for an enormous range of intermediate and topcoats, even increasing the durability of powder coating. Can be used on some non-metallic substrates but tests should be conducted before use.

Bilt Hamber Etchweld can be used as an adhesion promoter for 2 pack fillers, putties and stoppers. Unlike other etch primers etchweld also provides a weld-through function. It will also provide high levels of adhesion for coatings applied to non-ferrous substrates such as aluminium and zinc treated surfaces and is free of heavy metals and chromates.

Please note that we cannot ship ANY aerosols to international destinations.

Bilt Hamber Etchweld voted Practical Classics Magazine Best Buy.


  • Outstanding adhesion to steel, aluminium, and galvanised surfaces.
  • Replaces traditional low adhesion primers.
  • Improves durability of a huge range of paints and powder coatings.
  • Excellent weld-through property allows corrosion protection of flanges and seams before assembly. Does not cause porous welds.
  • Easy-to-use air drying.
  • Brush, spray or aerosol applied.

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