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BREMBO Easy Check Pair Vented Front Brake Discs 09.5843.34

BREMBO Easy Check Pair Vented Front Brake Discs 09.5843.34


Brembo Brake Discs 09.5843.34 - Set (2 DISCS)

Set (2 DISCS)


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BREMBO Easy Check Pair Vented Front Brake Discs 09.5843.34

General Details:

Brake Disc Thickness [mm]22
Tightening Torque [Nm]98
Minimum thickness [mm]20
Supplementary Article/Info 2with bolts/screws
Outer diameter [mm]257
Height [mm]41
Number of Holes4
Brake Disc TypeInternally Vented
Centering Diameter [mm]60

Additional Images:

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This pair of Easy Check vented brake discs is made by Brembo, Europe's leading producer of brake discs; unbeatable for performance, reliability and durability. Brembo meet or exceed EU and original equipment standards on all brake discs.

The Easy Check system allows a quick assessment to be made as to when the discs will need replacing. It features two drilled holes: the first indicates when the disc is 80% worn and the 2nd shows that the disc should be replaced immediately.

The venting allows the discs to draw in more air to help remove excess heat which in turn reduces brake fade. These discs are ideal for use on vehicles that are subject to frequent stopping such as those used for commuting or for use in congested cities.

NOTE: Before purchasing, please ensure that this is the right disc for your vehicle. You can use the brake lookup tool, browse the list of compatible vehicles (click on the 'Fitment' link, below), see cross references to other manufacturer OE part numbers (click on the Cross-References link, below) or contact us for advice.


  • Venting allows discs to remain cooler which reduces brake fade
  • Easy Check allows a quick, visual inspection to ascertain disc life
  • Straightforward to replace: completely compatible with Original Manufacturer parts
  • Fixing screws supplied (where required)
  • Genuine parts made by Europe's top manufacturer


  • ECE Regulation 90 Approved
  • All Brembo brake discs are at least Original Equipment quality and offer straightforward OE compatible fitment

Technical Information:

Solid or Vented?VENTED
Discs per Box2
Dimensions257 x 22mm
Thickness (TH)22mm
Min. Thickness (min TH)20mm
Total Height (A)40.5mm
Centring Diameter (B)60mm
Number of Holes (C)4
NOTE: Each unit ordered is a box of 2 discs - enough for a complete axle

Fitment / Compatibility:

MakeModelSub-ModelModel YearkwAxleNote
FIATGRANDE PUNTO Van (199)1.3 D Multijet04/08 - /0055FVented disc
FIATGRANDE PUNTO Van (199)1.404/08 - /0057FVented disc
FIATGRANDE PUNTO Van (199)1.4 LPG03/09 - /0057FVented disc
FIATGRANDE PUNTO Van (199)1.4 Natural Power03/09 - /0057FVented disc
FIATPUNTO (199)0.9 Bifuel03/12 - /0063FVented disc
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.209/10 - /0051FVented disc
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.210/05 - /0048FVented disc
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.3 D Multijet10/05 - /0055F
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.406/06 - /0055FVented disc
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.410/05 - /0057F
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.4 16V10/05 - /0070F
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.4 16V10/09 - /0077FVented disc
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.4 LPG12/08 - /0057FVented disc
FIATPUNTO / GRANDE PUNTO (199)1.4 Natural Power07/08 - /0057FVented disc
FIATPUNTO EVO1.210/09 - 02/120048FVented disc
FIATPUNTO EVO1.210/09 - 02/120051FVented disc
FIATPUNTO EVO1.3 D Multijet07/08 - 02/120051FVented disc
FIATPUNTO EVO1.3 D Multijet10/09 - 02/120055F
FIATPUNTO EVO1.407/09 - 02/120055F
FIATPUNTO EVO1.410/09 - 02/120057F
FIATPUNTO EVO1.4 16V10/09 - 02/120077F
FIATPUNTO EVO1.4 LPG06/09 - 02/120057FVented disc
FIATPUNTO EVO1.4 Natural Power10/09 - 02/120057FVented disc
FIATPUNTO Van (199)1.3 D Multijet03/09 - /0055F
FIATPUNTO Van (199)1.3 D Multijet03/09 - /0070F
FIATPUNTO Van (199)1.403/09 - /0057F
OPELCORSA D1.001/10 - /0048F
OPELCORSA D1.007/06 - /0044FVented disc

Cross Reference:

Brembo brake part 09.5843.34 cross references to the following parts from other suppliers:
Brake EngineeringDI956403
Original Equipment (OE) 569024,569065,55700920,55700921,93188917,93197241

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