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Silkolene PRO 2 Ultimate Fully Synthetic Ester 2T Premix Racing Bike Engine Oil

Silkolene PRO 2 Ultimate Fully Synthetic Ester 2T Premix Racing Bike Engine Oil


Silkolene PRO 2 Premix 2T - 1 Litre

1 Litre


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Silkolene PRO 2 Ultimate Fully Synthetic Ester 2T Premix Racing Bike Engine Oil

Silkolene Pro 2 is formulated using synthetic components including esters which provide exceptional anti-seize properties usually only associated with castor based oils. As well as the synthetic base, this product incorporates an advanced additive system to provide engine protection even at maximum revs.

Track experience at the Grand Prix and international level has shown that this product is one of the very few competition oils which can provide the latest racing engines with the outstanding load-carrying and cleanliness requirements necessary for full power output even at high fuel to oil ratios.

Using aerospace technology, Silkolene Pro 2 provides ultimate lubrication and engine protection, and maintains film strength at high temperatures, revs and stresses during motorcycle and kart racing. It is particularly resistant to ring-sticking and plug fouling problems, and helps to maintain full power output for the track life of an engine. Special additives combat the problem of throttle sticking in wet conditions experienced with some types of racing carburettors.

This oil combats varnish deposits on and below piston rings preventing ring sticking. Carbon deposits on the piston crown and in the exhaust ports are reduced, giving more efficient ignition, essential when using the latest electronic power valve systems throughout the rev range.


  • Suitable for use in on-road, off-road and karting engines
  • Ultimate engine protection under full race conditions
  • Increased power performance and reliability
  • Excellent load carrying capability and wear protection
  • Maintains engine cleanliness


  • Meets CIK-FIA and is a CIK-FIA approved (homologated) lubricant

Silkolene Pro 2 is recommended and developed primarily for two-stroke racing engines and has been used successfully at 50:1 (2%) mixture although users should refer to engine manufacturers' instructions for their specific requirements.

This oil mixes easily with all types of standard pump fuel and high octane race fuels with no separation, however it must not be mixed with conventional two-stroke oils and is only suitable for use as a Pre-Mix.

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