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Silkolene PRO COOL Antifreeze / Coolant - Ready To Use

Silkolene PRO COOL Antifreeze / Coolant - Ready To Use


Silkolene PRO COOL coolant - 1 Litre

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Silkolene PRO COOL coolant - 20 Litres

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Silkolene PRO COOL Antifreeze / Coolant - Ready To Use

The product is based on propylene glycol and hence gives a very safe level of toxicity when compared to ethylene glycol based Antifreeze / Coolant. The PRO COOL formulation includes 50% distilled water to give zero lime scale deposits, optimum frost protection in severe winter conditions, plus excellent anti-corrosion performance.

Silkolene PRO COOL is compatible with all alloys, plastics, elastomers and gasket materials used in modern engine cooling systems and is "Ready-to-use" no dilution required.

Type of Antifreeze / Coolant Dilution:
Ready To use
Protection from freezing down to -40°C

View our online Antifreeze / Coolant Explained document, or download the PDF and find great information on what makes a good Antifreeze / Coolant and what all those specifications actually mean.

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The balanced inhibitor system incorporated in PRO COOL is the result of several years research and development and is designed to protect the cooling system against foaming, scale formation and corrosion. Anti-cavitation performance exceeds that of conventional ethylene glycol based antifreezes, providing the user with superior protection against engine and coolant pump damage due to this phenomenon.

Technical PDF Downloads:

Download the Technical PDFDownload the Safety PDF

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