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Bilt Hamber Electrox Patch Repair Kit

Bilt Hamber Electrox Patch Repair Kit


Bilt Hamber Electrox Patch Kit - 1 Kit

1 Kit


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Bilt Hamber Electrox Patch Repair Kit

The electrox patch repair kit has been put together to enable anybody, regardless of their experience level, to sucessfully remove rust and ensure that it does not return to the area. It can be used on any steel surface which has rust including vehicles, tools, fences, boats & all around the house and garden. Once the repair is complete it can be left as it is or painted over to match the existing colour.

This kit contains -

1 litre of surfex-HD, a powerful water-based degreaser used to clean the whole area at the start of the job.
1 kilo of deox-gel, a safe and easy to use non-toxic rust remover.
400ml aerosol of electrox, a zinc rich primer which will prevent the rust from returning and provide a base for any paint you wish to apply.

The contents of the kit should be sufficent to cover an area of 1.5 to 2 square metres.

You will also need -

White spirit
A wire brush or heavy abrasive paper
A scrubbing brush or scourer
Clingfilm or plastic sheet
Masking tape
Rubber gloves

The electrox patch repair kit has been carefully assembled by us to provide professional level rust removal and prolonged prevention, the deox-gel is a class leading product which is safe to use and non toxic, it has been used in hospitals and tested by major magazines who have awarded it top marks.

The electrox itself is a very powerful anti-rust primer with over 93% pure zinc in the paint, it acts in the same way as galvanising, it has also been tested by major magazines and found to be the best anti rust primer that there is.


How to use:

Use surfex-HD on cool surfaces. Dilute product as required 1 part in 200 for light cleaning or use neat for maximum grease and oil removal. For increased efficiency on heavy soil apply liberally and agitate with suitable brush. After degreasing rinse thoroughly with clean water, take care not to allow ingress of water or cleaner in to any electrical components or equipment. Small-scale trials should be conducted before use.

Remove loose flaking rust with the wire brush or heavy grit abrasive paper and apply a thick EVEN coat (up to 4 mm-heavier rust = thicker coat) of deox-Gel, with brush, trowel or spatula and leave for 30 - 120 minutes. Heavy / medium rust will take longer up to 12-48 hrs . Vigorously wire-brush or preferably use a Scotch-Brite® (abrasive pad) to agitate the area while gel is in situ. Wash and scrub with clean water and a plastic stiff-bristled brush - ensure that the surface is completely free of gel residue by washing and scrubbing well.

If corrosion remains repeat the process.

Wipe over the area with white spirit to ensure that it is as clean as possible in order for the electrox to stick properly then mask the surrounding area using tape and plastic sheet or numerous layers of newspaper, bear in mind that if working outside the spray paint can be carried a long way by a gust of wind.

Shake the electrox aerosol for a full 2 minutes before use, do not press the valve before shaking. Apply an even coating at a distance of 25 cm then apply a second coat after 2 hrs and before 3 hrs or wait for 96 hrs. Topcoats should be applied after 96 hrs and will increase protection. electrox can be over coated with a wide-range of top coating systems – check compatibility on a small-scale before use. Where the surface is likely to be subject to mechanical impact from debris over coating with stone chip protection is desirable.

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