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Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish Deluxe Kit with Soft Clay Bar

Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish Deluxe Kit with Soft Clay Bar


Bilt Hamber Clean polish soft - 1 Kit

1 Kit


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Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish Deluxe Kit with Soft Clay Bar

Cleanser-polish is an award-winning resin based polish that provides exceptional levels of mechanical refinement and cleaning for vehicle paint work - used after claying to provide optically clear, deep rich shine, an excellent all-in-one product.

Surfex HD is a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser, that provides performance levels that match and even exceed solvent systems while meeting the latest standards of biodegradability.

Auto-clay soft provides a method of removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving its durability and increasing the gloss level of subsequent waxes. Its excellent for frequent use, less contaminated paint and winter / cold climate use.

Auto-wash is a new technology, highly powerful, environmentally friendly vehicle shampoo, formulated and manufactured to allow you to effortlessly, gently and effectively clean your paintwork before waxing.

Kit Contains:
  • 1 x Cleanser-polish
  • 1 x Surfex-HD
  • 1 x Auto-clay (soft)
  • 1 x Auto-wash
  • 1 x Kent Car Care Chamois (2.5 Sq ft)
  • 1 x Auto-mitt
  • 1 x Large Microfibre Cloth
  • 1 x Applicator Pads


How to use:

Wash the vehicle preferably using auto-wash and decontaminate the paint using auto-clay. Use cleanser-polish in a cool shaded position and apply using the app-pad in circular motions with light to medium pressure, increased pressure will remove oxidisation and light scratching. Allow to dry to a haze and buff to a deep shine with the microfibre cloth.

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