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HeatShield Thermaflect Shield - Universal Flexible Heat Shield 14" x 20"

HeatShield Thermaflect Shield - Universal Flexible Heat Shield 14" x 20"


HeatShield Thermaflect Shield - Single



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HeatShield Thermaflect Shield - Universal Flexible Heat Shield 14" x 20"

This Thermaflect Shield from HeatShield is a universal flexible heat shield that deflects heat away and is rugged enough to be used for almost any radiant heat application.  If used with a 1" air gap between the heat source and Thermaflect Shield along with good airflow, it is capable of reflecting over 90% of radiant heat.

It features a 1/4" thick BioCool* thermal-barrier inner pad sandwiched between heavy-duty foil, bound and sewn together with a stainless steel mesh at the edges. By binding the edges with this mesh, this allows for greater flexibility and a more rugged product overall. It is designed to withstand 594°C continuous radiant heat, and an impressive 260°C when in direct contact.

This shield is intended for wrapping around air boxes, electrical boxes and air conditioning components or to shield radiant heat from catalytic converters, mufflers and DPF, and on the bottom of the floorpans. You can also fasten it with Thermal-Tie, safety wire, screws or rivets. Please note that this product is not to be used directly on the exhaust system.

* BioCool is a non-caustic, non-flammable thermal barrier. It does not cause itching and won’t smoke or smell the first time it is heat-cycled.

Always wear safety glasses, a dust mask and gloves when handling this product.

Caution: This product is electrically conductive. Be sure to insulate any terminals, wires or circuits that may come into contact with this product.

HeatShield have a full line of auto heat shield and car insulation options including Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM supply and comprehensive aftermarket solutions. No matter the need of your car, they have a heat shield or thermal barrier for you!

Made in the USA from premium materials, HeatShield stand by their temperature ratings and offer you genuine products that are #racetested.


  • Rated for 594°C continuous use, 1093°C intermittent
  • Capable of reflecting over 90% of radiant heat
  • Flexible, bends and conforms to almost any shape
  • Perfect radiant heat shield for ABOVE mufflers, catalytic converters, DPF, and more
  • Rugged, long lasting design
  • Non-caustic, non-flammable inner pad
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the USA

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 14" x 20"
  • Insulation type: Heatshield barrier - reflects radiant heat away
  • Base Material: BioCool insulation, aluminium
  • Colour: Aluminium

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