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HeatShield Original Exhaust Wrap - 1" x 25ft Thermal Insulation Roll

HeatShield Original Exhaust Wrap - 1" x 25ft Thermal Insulation Roll


HeatShield Original Exhaust Wr - Single



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HeatShield Original Exhaust Wrap - 1" x 25ft Thermal Insulation Roll

Insulate your exhaust and keep your vehicle cool with this supreme-quality Original Exhaust Wrap from HeatShield, which ensures that your vehicle looks as cool as it feels. 

Featuring a vermiculite coating, this exhaust wrap is designed to withstand continuous temperatures up to 649°C and 1093°C intermittent to reduce radiant heat damage and lower exhaust generated under-hood temperatures by as much as 50%.

When you insulate your exhaust pipe with thermal exhaust wrap it maintains hotter exhaust gas temperatures, decreases the gas density and allows the exhaust gases to exit the system via increased gas velocities. As a result, increased exhaust scavenging is produced. This literally pulls the intake gases through the cycle faster which lowers intake temperatures, increases horsepower and improves fuel efficiency.

As there is less heat radiating from the exhaust system this also keeps heat out of the passenger compartment and reduces heat damage to components.

Always wear safety glasses, a dust mask and gloves when handling this product. Long sleeves are also recommended.

All exhaust heat wraps and header wraps from HeatShield are asbestos-free and made from high-quality base fibreglass, basalt and silica materials. The exhaust wraps are water- and fungi-resistant, and will not cause the exhaust pipes to rust.

Made in the USA from premium materials, HeatShield stand by their temperature ratings and offer you genuine products that are #racetested.


  • Rated for 649°C continuous use, 1093°C intermittent
  • Reduces under hood temperatures up to 50%
  • Increased horsepower
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Lower intake temperatures
  • Reduced heat damage to components
  • Asbestos-free, made from high-quality base fibreglass
  • Water- and fungi-resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the USA

Technical Information:

  • Width: 1"
  • Length: 25ft
  • Thickness: 1/16" (1.6mm)
  • Rated for continuous use: 649°C
  • Rated for intermittent use: 1093°C
  • Insulation type: Insulator, retains heat in
  • Material: Fibreglass, Vermiculite thermal coating

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