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HeatShield HP Starter Shield - Spark Plug Boot Heat Shield 7.25" x 21.75"

HeatShield HP Starter Shield - Spark Plug Boot Heat Shield 7.25" x 21.75"


HeatShield HP Starter Shield - Single



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HeatShield HP Starter Shield - Spark Plug Boot Heat Shield 7.25" x 21.75"

Starter shields prevent starter failure caused by excessive heat exposure, allowing you to take off with confidence. They are also a great way of protecting your starter motor and solenoid from starter heat lock. Being stranded due to starter heat soak can be easily avoided by fitting this product. 

Due to its high quality construction and design, this starter shield is very easy to install - simply wrap the cover around the starter motor and fasten securely with the built-in hook-and-loop fasteners. The hook-and-loop seam should be faced away from the heat source to avoid damage to the fasteners. In most cases it is not even necessary to remove your starter in the first place. 

Caution: This product is electrically conductive; be sure to insulate any terminals, wires or circuits that may come in contact with this product.

When choosing a starter motor heat shield, there’s nothing like the quality of the HP Starter Shield™ from HeatShield Products, the original spark plug boot heat shield company. From their very fist shields made back in 1985 to the full line of plug boot insulation today. They have heat shields that can keep you moving with confidence and dominating for even the most extreme applications. Keep performing at that high level you expect.

Made in the USA from premium materials, HeatShield stand by their temperature ratings and offer you genuine products that are #racetested.


  • Rated for 594 °C continuous use, 1093 °C intermittent
  • Prevents starter heat soak so you are not stranded
  • Easy installation, starter removal is not necessary for most applications
  • Enhanced solenoid and starter motor protection 
  • Prevents starter motor failure 
  • Made in the USA

Technical Information:

  • Width: 7¼"
  • Length: 21¾"
  • Rated for continuous use: 594 °C
  • Rated for intermittent use: 1093 °C

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